Presidency of Honour of Their Majesties
the King and the Queen of Spain

13 - 16 May 2013
Congress Hall
Fairground Luis Adaro
Gijón (Spain)


Monday, 13th May 2013

11,00 h.
Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI)
Meeting of the African Group
11,30 h. Collection of Documentation
19,30 h.
Chamber quartet
Mr. Marcelo Palacios Alonso
President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI and Organizer
Mrs. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo
Mayoress of Gijon and President of the SIBI Foundation
Mr. Javier Fernández Fernández
President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias (JGPA)
Mr. Vicente Gotor Santamaría
Magn. Rector of the University of Oviedo
Mr. Manuel Menéndez Menéndez
President of Cajastur (Saving Bank)
Mr. Fernando Masaveu Herrero
President of Masaveu Corporation
Mr. Isidoro Álvarez Álvarez
President of Ramón Areces Foundation
Inaugural intervention
Mrs. Pilar Álvarez-Laso (UNESCO)
(Assistant Director-General Mrs. Irina Bokova, in her representation)
Royal Covadonga Cultural Group Choir and Dancers
21,00 h. Spanish Wine Congress Hall


Tuesday, 14th May 2013

09,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Santiago Dexeus (SPAIN)
Lectures Mr. José María Urquía Etxabe (SPAIN)
    Medical Deontology, a pillar of Bioethics   
09,40 h. Oral Presentations
Mr. Daniel Piedra (CUBA)
Global, universal and theoretical Bioethics
Mr. Emilio J. Armaza Armaza (PERU)
Bioethics and Biolaw: proposed limits on the development and production of biological weapons  
Mrs. Rosalba Durán Forero (COLOMBIA)
The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and  UNESCO Human Rights and global Bioethics  
Mr. Ricardo de Dios (SPAIN)
What ethical dilemmas do our doctors have?  

Mrs. Ivonne Martín Hernández

Ethical Dilemmas and challenges of  Duchenne/Becker  genetic studies about muscular dystrophy in Cuba  
10,30 h. Debate
11,20 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Erin Williams (USA)
Lecture Mr. Didier Sicard (FRANCE)
National cultures and universal ethics is a paradox?
12,00 h. Oral Presentations
Mr. Christopher Recio Sobrino
Ethics and Bioethics as a proposal and change for the establishment of a 'human' education  
Mrs. Elena Atienza Macías
Mrs. Ilaria Anna Colussi
Genetic drug taking in the sports field: New reality, new challenge for the Bioethics
Mrs. Rosario Pastor Zegarra
The ethics of science and technology for development
Mr. Javier Huerta Díaz
What do members of Ethics Committees think about their operation?
12,40 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Paula Martinho da Silva
Lecture Mr. Francis P. Crawley
European Bioethics: The Role of First Principles in the Search for a Universal Ground to Reason and Empathy
13,10 h. Oral Presentations
    Mrs. Emilssen González de Cancino
    Reflections on the limits of Bioethics. Principles and Rules
    Mrs. Jussara Mª Leal de Meirelles
    The technological society, mental health and the necessary rereading of the legal categories in Brazil
13,30 h. Debate  
14,00 h. PAUSE - LUNCH
16,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Jesús Aquilino Fernández
Lecture Mr. Rusen Keles

Our Ethical Duties towards Future Generations in a Globalizing World

16,30 h. Oral Presentations
Mrs. Liudmyla Paliei
Development of Bioethics in Ukraine  
Mrs. Jacinthe Nkongolo

Ethical Duties of Africa as regards future generations

    Mrs. Marilia Pedroso Xavier
    Resolution 1995/2012 of the Brazilian Federal Board of Medicine on Advance Health Care Directives: Progress or Regression?  
    Mrs. Ofelia Barcia Miranda
    Does the bad relationship between professionals affect patients? What do citizens think?  
17,10 h. Chairmanship

Mrs. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis

  Lectures Mr. Miguel Oliveira
    Ethical foundations of the priorities in health policies
    Mrs. Laurence Azoux Bacrie
    Agreement for the protection of Human rights and the dignity of the human being with regard to the applications of biology and  medicine
18,10 h. Oral Presentations
    Mrs. Soledad Arnau Ripollés
    Bioethics from the functional diversity point of view. New challenges for disability research and Bioethics
    Mr. Fernando Hellman
    The seventh revision process of the Declaration of Helsinki 2013  
    Mr. Pablo Fernández Muñiz
    Some medical aspects for the bioethical deliberation
    Mr. Devline Msowoya

Dilemmas, challenges and solutions for women living with HIV AIDS in Malawi (Alinafe Hospital Perspective)

    Mrs. Ana Paula Myszczuk

The functional illiteracy in Brazil and its implications in the free consent of the patient: a vulnerability analysis

    Mr. Boris I. Ostapenko
    Avant-garde technologies: Risk management    
    Mr. Victoriano Garza-Almanza
    Bioethical implications of narco-violence in Mexico. The Ciudad Juarez Case
    Mrs. Carolina Soto Méndez
    Bioethical dilemmas of legal mining in Colombia
19,30 h. Debate  
20,00 h. End of the Session

Wednesday, 15th May 2013

09,20 h. Chairmanship Mr. Erwin Deutsch
Lecture Mr. Vicente Bellver
Educating for universal Bioethics
10,00 h. Oral Presentations
    Mr. Michael Anjello Jothirajan

Bioethics clubs in schools, colleges and villages as informal agents of establishing new dimensions in universal Bioethics education

    Mrs. Fernanda Schaefer Rivabem
    Clinical data and Biopower: Between social interests and human dignity  
    Mr. Rodrigo García Alarcón
  Globalization, a bioethical challenge?  
    Mr. Jorge Estopá Dueso
    Neuroethics in neuroscientific research.
 A commitment to responsibility and excellence
10,40 h. Debate  
11,30 h. Chairmanship Mr. Volnei Garrafa
Lectures Mr. Stefano Semplici

The right to dignity, the right to diversity. When health is at stake

    Mr. Bernardo Díaz Nosty
    The ethics of communication in the transmission of the scientific message
12,40 h. Oral Presentations
Mrs. Niurka Taureaux Díaz  
The ethical-humanist dimension of the graduate in the medical degree, Cuba
Mrs. Andreza Cristina Baggio
Bioethics, health and patents: Access to high cost medicines, a new battlefield?
Mrs. Cristobalina Betemit

Patient´s autonomy

Mr. Janvier Ayena
New strategies to develop the Young African woman
Mrs. Carmen D. Medina Castellano
Project: Knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and opinions in the area of informed consent and living wills. Phase I
13,30 h. Debate  
14,00 h. PAUSE - LUNCH
16,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. George Kutudjian
Lecture Mr. José A. Flórez Lozano
Ageing healthily and with dignity: an integrated ethical perspective
16,40 h. Oral Presentations
Mrs. Reyes Álvarez Cisneros
Years wrinkle the skin but not the soul: Reflections on the quality of life and care in octogenarian people with an active and positive life
    Mrs. Noelia Bueno Gómez
    Medical care in the third age: to reconcile care with respect for personal autonomy
    Mrs. Andrea Actis
    Discrimination and vulnerability of the elderly
17,10 h. Debate  
17,40 h.


Mrs. Victoria Camps
Lecture Mrs. Maureen K.Tumusiime
Tourism and policy development in Africa : Uganda - case study
18,10 h. Oral Presentations
Mr. Fabio A. Garzón Díaz
Environmental education and sustainable development. The case of the eastern hills of Bogotá, Colombia
Mrs. Mª del Carmen Álvarez Baza
Attitude towards cultural diversity in a high-risk unit  
    Mrs. Michelle Piperberg
    Reflections on the figure of the person-patient beyond the " age minority " and the "self determination"
    Mrs. Mª de Jesús Ortiz González
    The autonomy of patients in the mexican information and knowledge society. An educational and cultural challenge
    Mr. Javier García Amez
    Patient Autonomy and treatment rejection in Spanish Law
    Mr. Joaquín Jiménez González
    Social and religious factors in the trial and legislation of different cultures focussed on biotechnology and assisted reproduction techniques
    Mr. Efraín  Méndez Castillo
    The notion of professionalism in medicine
    Mr. Enrique Marín Palma
    The relationship between the medical team  and family care when looking after terminal patients at home
19,30 h. Debate  
20,00 h. End of the Session

Thursday, 16th May 2013

09,30 h. Chairmanship Mr. Amos Shapira
Lectures Mrs. Dolores Escudero
Cranioplasty with bandages. New forms of treatment limitation of vital support and organ donation
Mr. Jose Luis Escalante Cobo
End-of-life care in the in ICU and organ donation
Mr. Rafael Matesanz
Ways of dying and organ donation
Mr. Chris Rudge

Donation as a systematic part of end-of-life care

Mr. Carlos Mª Romeo Casabona
Organ transplants, a permanent source of new challenges for Law
12,30 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Fátima Z. El Kebir
Oral Presentations

Mr. Néstor Serrano Fuentes
Mr. Manuel David Valiño Vázquez

Therapeutic effort in the terminal patient
Mrs. Laura Belli
Ethical questions for the Law of the alleged donor in force in Argentina since 2006  
Mrs. Iziar Basterretxea Moreno
Law, society and awareness, the fragility of the borders
Mrs. Mª Cristina Paredes Escobar
Factors involved in the clinical practice of the limiting therapeutic effort in units of critically ill patients in public hospitals in the Chilean health care network
Mr. Arif Jamil
Human stem cell inventions in Europe: What causes tug of war between patent and ethics
Mrs. Marta Pernas Gómez
Transversality of the ethical-humanist dimension in degree studies in medical sciences
13,30 h. Reorganization of the initial Table
14,00 h. PAUSE - LUNCH
16,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Juan Ramón Lacadena
  Lectures Secondary School Students
    Mr. Joel Pasarín Valencia
Colegio Ursulinas (Gijón)
    The current economic crisis and hunger in the world
    Mrs. Olaya Gutiérrez Remis and Mr . David Rodríguez Iglesias
IES Cristo del Socorro (Luanco)
    Functional food, myths, realities and food ethics

Mrs. Alba Argüelles Guerrero and Mr . Pablo González Álvarez
IES Monte Naranco (Oviedo)

    Cloning the Neanderthal
    Mrs. Covadonga Solares Morales and Mr. Jorge Suárez Menéndez
Real Instituto Jovellanos (Gijón)
    Human cloning. Ethical aspects
17,10 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Dafna Feinholz
  Lectures Secondary School Students
    Mrs. Raquel Obeso Menéndez and Mrs . Cristina Rodríguez López
IES Llanera (Posada de Llanera)
    Wasting food
    Mrs. Caridad Jun García García and Mrs . Nerea Molina Álvarez
IES Corazón de María (Gijón)
    Bioethics in the school and for the school
    Mrs. Marina Martínez Rodríguez and Mrs. Marta Vallés Rodríguez
IES Alfonso II (Oviedo)
    Informed consent
18,05 h. Debate  
18,35 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Svitlana Pustovit
  Free Oral Presentations
    Mr. Eugenio Vila
    Formula for calculating the risk of eugenics
    Mr. F. Javier Blázquez Ruíz
    Euthanasic practices during the Nazi era
19,05 h. End of the Session
Mr. Valdir González Paixão Junior
School Education and the need to train bioethical awareness in Secondary School students

Mrs. Victoria del Busto Costales
Mrs. María José del Busto Costales

Bioethical challenges for the nursing assistant
Mrs. Lara Menéndez González
Should nurses communicate medication mistakes to patients?
Mrs. Beatriz Fernández Prada
The "Guatemala"  case analyzed from the point of view of Declaration of Helsinki
Mrs. Almudena Pousada González
Rights of the mentally ill: legislative framework
Mr. Alejandro Toledo Soriano
Radiation in the Intensive Care Unit
Mrs. Patricia Ríos Nacarino
Patient information on the infection of the human papilloma virus
Mr. Jorge Estopá Dueso
The ethics of scientific publications and the responsibility of scientists and bioethicists with patients
Mr. Marcelo Moreira Corgozinho
Analytical  Study of the composition of the multidisciplinary members of the Ethics Committees in research in Brazil
Mrs. Natalia Cal Purriños
Spanish Law: Differences between Biomedical research only with clinical  data and biomedical research with data and human biological samples
Mrs. Cleide Bernardes
Bioethics, human vulnerability, and the media: Human trafficking
Mrs. Lizia Fabiola Almeida Silva
Vulnerability and Bioethics: Taking into account the experience of the bioethics specialists in the reflections with the professionals who work with offending adolescents in the State in the Federal District – Brazil
Mrs. Juliana de Ávila Panisset
The question of team in the treatment of rare diseases: A study of ethnography in Brazil
Mrs. Yuri Nagamine Urata
Update on Ethical Analysis in Brazil: Comparison of Database Systems in the years 2011 and 2012  


19,30 h. Chamber quartet
Mr. Marcelo Palacios Alonso
President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI and Organizer

Awarding of SIBI PRIZE 2013 to Mr. Jean Michaud (France)
Ex Member of the French High Court

Mrs.Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo
Mayoress of Gijon and President of the SIBI Foundation
Mr. Pedro Sanjurjo González
President of the House of Representatives of the Principality of Asturias (JGPA)
Mr. Jacobo Cosmen  Menéndez
President ALSA Group
Mr. Félix Baragaño Suárez
President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Gijón
Mrs. Mª Antonia Fernández Felgueroso
Attorney General of the Principality of Asturias
Mr. Jorge Antuña Rodríguez
Director of the Eastern-Gijón Teachers and Resources Center (C.P.R)
Mr. Pablo Ramos Vallina
President of COFAS (Asturian Pharmaceutical Cooperative)
Mrs. Dafna Feinholtz
Responsible Bioethics Program, Sector for Social and Human Sciences UNESCO
Closure Intervention
Mrs. Ana Mato Adrover to confirm
Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality

Date and place of the IX World Conference on Bioethics
20,45 h.

Concert given by Royal Covadonga Cultural Group Choral Society

21,00 h. Spanish Wine in honour of the Attendants in the Congress Hall