Socio-Cultural Acts



Monday 21st November 2005

Place: Congress Hall at the FIDMA

Time: At the end of the Inaugural Act (around 20.30hrs.)


Wednesday 23rd November 2005

Place: "La Isla" Restaurant, Atlantic Botanic Garden of Gijón

Time: 21hrs

Transfer: The Congress members and Companions who take part in the Dinner will be transferred by coaches to the restaurant (around 20.30hrs.) and returned to their hotels at the end of the dinner.


* Trip around GIJÓN

Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Pick up at the Hotels from 09.30 to 10hrs.

The visit will go successively to the Marine Park of The Providencia, from where you can contemplate a beautiful and wide panoramic view of the city, the coast; the old Universidad Laboral, impressive and singular building of herreriano style built between 1947 and 1957 whose dimensions greatly exceed those of the whole of The Escorial and its annexes, and in whose interior the tower, the Corinthian loft, the central courtyard and the interior of the church stand out, with the largest elliptic dome in Europe; the Museum of the Roman Thermal baths, remains of the Roman presence in the city; and to conclude, a trip that goes from the Revillagigedo Palace Cultural Centre, the sports marina, Cimadevilla, old fishing neighbourhood, the Clock Tower and the Santa Catalina marine Park, where “El Elogio del Horizonte” ( by Chillida) is to be found, to the House where Jovellanos was born.

Duration: Half-day

Price per person………20 EUROS

Includes: Transport by coach, guide and entrance tickets


Wednesday 23rd November 2005

Pick up at the Hotels from 9 to 9.30hrs.

At 9,30hrs leave Gijón heading towards Oviedo to visit the pre-Romanic jewels of the city of Oviedo, Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, from the ramirense period, the Gothic style Cathedral, with the Holy Chamber where the Cruz de los Angeles, the Cruz de la Victoria” and the Caja de las Ágatas are kept, and the Gothic Cloister and conclude with a walk around the old centre of the city and return to Gijón.

Duration: Half-day

Price for person.….. 21 Euros

Includes: Transport by coach, guide and entrance ticket


Thursday 24th November 2005

Pick up at the Hotels from 9 to 9.30hrs.

At 9.30hrs transfer to the Railway Museum of Asturias, located in the old Norte station of Gijón.

Begun in 1992, and officially inaugurated on the 22.10.1998 by H.R.H. Philip of Borbón the Prince of Asturias. This Museum is an initiative by the Town Hall of Gijón, managed by the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and PopularUniversity that seeks to conserve and to diffuse, through the Asturian railway heritage, the incidence of this form of transport in the recent economic and social history of the region. The Museum contains more than 1,300 pieces, of which 125 are mobile material, including 26 steam locomotives, one of the widest and most varied collections of this type of vehicles. Diesel and electric locomotives, passenger wagons and freight boxcars are also conserved, almost all of mining and industrial type, given the historical link of the Asturian railway with this type of productive activities.

At around 11.15hrs journey by train to El Entrego where the Mining and IndustryMuseum is. Its main building is formed by a large central body that is cylindrical in shape where the castillete tower stands out, visible from both the outside and the inside, and that by means of a lift or “cage” connects the Museum with the Image Mine. On the ground floor and in the central lobby one can make a journey through the technical history of European mining (old mining and industrial technologies), the Steam Age and the industrialization of Asturias, the material Laboratory, the Mining Rescue Brigade, the Infirmary and the History of Medicine, the Lampistería, and the Wash House. Underground is the Image Mine, made to natural scale and with real tools, where the most significant aspects in the extraction of coal, interior transport, ventilation, etc. are to be found. On finishing the visit to the MiningMuseum return to Gijón by coach.

Duration: Half-day

Price for person….. 24 Euros

Includes: Transport by train from Gijón to El Entrego and by coach from El Entrego to Gijón, guide and entrance ticket


Visit to Lastres and JURASIC MUSEUM

Saturday 26th November 2005

Pick up from the Hotels from 9 to 9.30hrs

At 9.30hrs leave Gijón heading for the MUJA Jurassic Museum of Asturias. This singular museum that adopts the form of a large tridáctila print, holds the most complete, didactical and faithful sample of the world of dinosaurs. The MUJA, with a surface area of practically 5,000 square meters, is made up of six large thematic areas with time as their conductive thread, completely submerging us in the most fascinating period in the History of the Earth. It represents the avant-garde of the museums of the XXI century. Its exhibitive conception, the wealth of its funds together with a powerful research line pay tribute to the unrepeatable group of paleontological remains that the Principality of Asturias holds, an authentic international reference.

After the visit to the MUJA, we will visit Lastres, walking through the village and the port.

Return to Gijón.

At 14.30hrs. Lunch in a typical Asturian cellar (Cider press)

After lunch we will visit the Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón. The Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón (JBA) is the first Botanical Garden in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. In a space set in the heart of urban area, barely two kilometres from the centre of Gijón, but, at the same time, conserving all its charm of virgin nature, the Botanical garden embraces 150,000 m2 that will reach 250,000 m2 when its second development stage concludes. This makes it the most important in its gender, with almost 30,000 plants and up to 2,000 different species and also, as a special reference for the city of Gijón with this Botanical Garden inaugurated the 25th of April 2003 another first class tourist attraction. Together with the exhibition of an important group of collections of plants, the Botanical Garden has as a high-priority objective to join Science and Culture, to implement its important tourist, cultural and recreational facet around a space designed as a museístico installation of the latest generation, where research, formation and popularisation also take on a special entity, combining everything in a project that is unique for its characteristics in the north of Spain. The nearness of the facilities of the JBA to the University Campus favours the relationship with this Institution consolidating the Atlantic Botanical Garden Scientific Project of which the Town Hall of Gijón, promoter of the project and the University of Oviedo form a part.

Duration: Whole day (until 17.30hrs.)

Price per person…48.75 Euros

Includes: Transport by coach, guide, entrance tickets to the JurassicMuseum and the Botanical Garden and lunch.