Divisions of SIBI




Juridical Status

  1. Every SIBI Division will be juridically dependent on the International Society of Bioethics with official headquarters in Gijon, Spain (to be referred heareafter as: SIBI).
  2. In their activities and decision-making, SIBI Divisions will respect fully the aims sought by the SIBI Foundation.
  3. SIBI Divisions will heve freedom to run their own management and finances and will assume full liability in that regard. However, the SIBI may provide economic aid to support specific activities according to the available resources of the Foundation.
  4. SIBI Divisions will use the official name and logo of the SIBI in every document, actions and campaigns they develop, setting down in writing SIBI´s Headquarters. The Division´s name and address will follow.
  5. SIBI Divisions will adopt the Regulations of SIBI´s Scientific Commitee with the exception of Article 4º, to be deferred for a three-year period as form the date a Division is created an without detriment to what the Division´s Secretariat might establish in that regard. Likewise, Article 5º will be modified and adapted to that stated further blow.
  6. The activities describes in Articles 13,15, 17 and 18 of the Regulations may be carried out without the express permision by SIBI´s Scientific Committee but in accordance with their suggestions after review of those proposed and submitted by a Division´s Secretariat.
  7. When, to the SIBI´s own judgment, a Divisions fails to fulfill essential aims of the SIBI Foundation or in the event of reiteratoed non-observance of the Regulations of the Scientific Committee, the SIBI may decide to dissociate itself from that Division and subsequently forbid further use SIBI´s name and logo, as well as to take away any resources originally endowed to the Division.

Organizational estructure

Every SIBI Division will have a Secretariat and Scientific Commitee

The Secretariat:

Will compromise three members form different countries and it will be appointed by the SIBI. They will act as President and Vice Presidents for a three -year period and they may rotate in these posts. Once their mandate expires, they will be re-appointed or replaced by the SIBI.

The Secretariat will carry out functions of managenment and coordination of the Division´s Scientific Committee , as well as those of reporting and coordinating with the SIBI.

The Scientific Committee:

The Scientific Committee of any one SIBI Division will compromise a minimum of seven and maximum of thirty members. These will be named by the SIBI after proposal by the Division´s Secretariat.

The Division´s Scientific Committee will meet to discuss the issues proposed by the Secretariat in accordance with the frequency established in Art. 4º of the Regulations of SIBI´s Scientific Committee, without detriment to the temporary measures described above, and will carry out the functions expressed in the regulations.

Coodination with the SIBI

The President of SIBI´s Scientific Commitee, or whoever represents him/her, may attend the meeting called by the Secretariat of a SIBI Division and may participate in discussions but with no rigth to vote.

The members of the SIBI´s Scientific Committee may attend meeting of a Division´s Scientific Committee or corresponding Chapter although lacking the the rigth to vote on deliberations by the Division´s Scientific Committee.

In order to allow for compliance of the above provisions, the SIBI is to be informed a fortnigth in advance on the dates when such meetings will take place.

The members of the Secretariat and of the Scientific Committee of any SIBI Division may be invited to attend meetings of SIBI´s Scientific Committee althougth lacking the rigth to vote on their deliberations.

Issues of concern and requests placed by any ono SIBI Division that are to be reviewed or approved by the Scientific Committee of the SIBI shall be submitted by the Division´s Secretariat well in advance before the annual mandatory meeting of the former.

Headquarters of Divisions

The Secretariat of a SIBI Division will determine the location and address of their ofccial see and is thereafter to inform SIBI aout this and any other eventual changes.


On the 1st December 2003, the LatinAmerican DIVISION of the SIBI was formalized in Buenos Aires, it will have its see in such city and is constitutuded by:

Volnei Garrafa President (Brazil)

Salvador Darío Bergel Vice-President (Argentina)

Dafna Feinholz (Mexico)

Jaime Escobar Triana (Colombia)

Gonzalo Figueroa Yáñez (Chile)

Miguel Kottow (Chile)

Daniel Piedra Herrera (Cuba)

Ludwig Schmidt (Venezuela)

Fermín Roland Schramm (Brazil)

Ana Sittenfeld (Costa Rica)

Leonor Zalabata (Colombia)

Víctor Penchaszadeh (Argentina)

Marcelo Palacios Presidente de la SIBI (Spain)

Hechor Gros (Uruguay) +<>

The member agreed by this DIVISION, will form part of the Scientific Committee of the SIBI
Note: Hector Gross, from Uruguay has been nominated the 27th September 2003, during the III World Conference on Bioethics, Cuenca, Spain.

The activities of this DIVISION will be mainly aimed to the problems affecting LatinAmerica, covered by Bioethics, and will be carried out under the terms established in the document related to the DIVISIONS of the SIBI.

(This document was written by Carlos Mª Romero and Salvador D. Bergel, with suggestions of Marcelo Palacios. It was accepted by the Board of Trustees of the SIBI on the 23rd December, 2002, once the general document about the SECTIONS was approved, and the Scientific Committee was let known on its meeting held on the 28th January 203 in Strasbourg)


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