Scientific committee
Marcelo Palacios (Spain)
International Society of Bioethics (SIBI) Founder 
Fatima Z. El Kebir (Algeria)
Professor of development Science
Biology Lab. University of Oran
Jesús A. Fernández Suárez (Spain)
Professor Titular of philosophy of the right of the Department of basic legal sciences of the University of Oviedo

Laurence Azoux Bacrie (France)

Court lawyer. PhD in Bioethics and biology

Note: They were also members in the past: José Egozcue Cuixart (Spain+), Guido Gerin (Italy +), Encarna Roca (Spain), José Elizalde (EU, Bruxelles), Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Carlos de Sola (Council of Europe), M. Ángel Comendador (Spain), Alain Pompidou (France),  J. Kennedy (United Kimgdom), Hector Gros Espiell (Uruguay +), Jean Michaud (France +), Luís Martínez Roldán(Spain), Rev. Maurice Dooley (Ireland), Erwin Deutsch (Germany+) and Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece +) .


   Constituent meeting

The Scientific Committee was established and began its activities on December 11, 1997 in the Old Institute (Gijón, Spain), at the meeting that began at 10 hours

Being present:

Mrs. Margarita Salas (España), Mr. Amos Shapira (Israel), Mr. José Egózcue (Spain), Mrs. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece), D. Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Rev. Maurice Dooley (Irland, Santa Sede), Mr. Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain), Mr. Guido Gerin (Italiy), D. Erwin Bernat (Austria), Mr. José Elizalde (Brusels, European Union), Mr. Alain Pompidou (France), Mr. Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain), Mr. Erwin Deutsch (Germany), Mrs. Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal), Mrs. Encarna Roca (Spain), Mr. Jesús Aquilino Fernández (Spain) Mr. Luís Martínez Roldán (Spain) y Mr. Marcelo Palacios (Spain) The Constitution of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (Sibi) is proceeded:

  1. Appointment of the President

       It intervenes in first place Mr. Joseph Egózcue and proposes as President with Mr. Marcelo Palacios (Spain), as the founder and promoter of the International Society of Bioethics, for his long and recognized professional career and his dedication the subject of bioethics both the Spanish Parliament and the Council of Europe, for his friendship and knowledge of years, and because for these and other reasons all of them have accepted without hesitation their invitation to join the Scientific Committee of the Sibi.

        It takes the word Mr. Amos Shapira, who recognizes the great task of palaces in bioethics and its prestige.

       There are interventions by Mr. Juan Ramón La Cadena, Mrs. Margarita Salas and Mr. Erwin Deutsch in similar terms and supporting the proposal, which is unanimously approved.

        Mr. Marcelo Palacios appreciates the kind words and confidence placed in him and reaffirms to persevere so that bioethics spreads and consolidates around the world, to what the Sibi, without doubt and given the trajectory of the components of its Scientific Committee, will contribute decisively.

         2. Appointment of the Vicepresident and Secretary

Mr. Alain Pompidou says that they should delegate to Mr. Marcelo Palacios to propose them, which is accepted.

Mr. Marcelo Palacios proposes as Vice-President to Mrs Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece)-Highlights of his biography The activity in the field of human rights, the environment and bioethics, and recalls the present which has been proposed on several occasions for the Nobel Prize-and as Secretary to D. Luís Martínez Roldán (professor, and on behalf of the University of Oviedo) , new in bioethical matters but determined to be fully involved in them. UNANIMOUS proposals approved.

3. Appointment of the vowels:

The following is the appointment of the other members of the Scientific Committee, which is UNANIMOUSLY approved, and the Scientific Committee is constituted as follows:

President: Mr. Marcelo Palacios (España)

Vicepresident: Mrs. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece)

Secretary: Mr. Luís Martínez Roldán (Spain)*

Vocals: Mrs. Margarita Salas (Spain), Mr. Amos Shapira (Israel), Mr. José Egózcue (Spain), Mr. Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Rev. Maurice Dooley (Irland, Santa Sede), Mr. Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain), Mr. Guido Gerin (Italiy), Mr. Erwin Bernat (Austria), Mr. José Elizalde (Belgium,European Union), Mr. Alain Pompidou (France), Mr. Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain), Mr. Santiago Dexeus (Spain), Mr. Erwin Deutsch (Germany), Mrs. Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal), Mrs Encarna Roca (Spain), Mr. Jean Michaud (France),  Mr. Jesús Aquilino Fernández (Spain), Mr. Santiago Grisolía (Spain) y Mr. Carlos de Sola ( European Council, France), The last two absent by different imponderable.

*As established in the statutes of the Sibi belong to the Scientific Committee two members appointed by the University of Oviedo, as a founding patron, one of whom will act as secretary of the Committee, and the other as a vocal (he was appointed D. Jesús Aquilino Fernández from the beginning, and continues).


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