As it is established on the Article 19 of the Regulations of the Scientific Committee, any legal entity interested in Bioethics will be allowed to become Associates to the Scientific Committee upon requesting so. The Association promotes an exchange between both parts and the Associate will receive free of charge from the SIBI all the documents produced by the Committee, the Minutes of the meetings and SIBI Magazine (in Spanish and English). They should have to pay a symbolic amount of 60 euros.

  • Academy of Sciences in Cuba. Cuba. (15th December, 2000)
  • Bioethics Committee of Antioquia University, Medellín Colombia. (30th January, 2002)
  • Professorship of Genetic Law at Lima University. Peru. (12th February, 2002)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Arts at the National University of Rosario. Bioethics Interdisciplinay Program for the Region. Argentinian Republic. (25th March, 2002)
  • Prof. Santiag Roldán García, President and Legal Representative of Free Mind Corporation. Colombia. (30th April, 2002)
  • Prof. Alfredo G. Kohn Loncarica, Professor of the History of Medicine and Science and Bioethics at Buenos Aires University and Director of the Institute of the History of Medicine and of the Department of Medical Humanities. Argentina (30th May, 2002)
  • Pharmacoepidemiological Institute of Valladolid University. Spain. (10th June, 2002)
  • Bioethics Association of the Middle West. La Piedad, Mexico. (12th May, 2003)
  • Nursing Department of the Nursing University College of Valladolid University. Spain. (10th June, 2003)
  • All India Bioethics Association - AIBA (1st January, 2004)
  • Royal Society of Friends of the Basque Country. San Sebastian, Spain. (12th April, 2004)
  • Academia Argentinian Academy of Ethics in Medicine. Argentina (4th May, 2004)
  • University of Latin America (UNIBE). Costa Rica. (25th May, 2004)
  • University of Alcalá de Henares. Department of Health Science and Medical Social Services in the area of Forensic and Legal Medicine. Madrid, Spain. (9th November, 2004)
  • Chilean Association of Public Health Laws. Santiago de Chile (6th April, 2005)
  • "Dr. Sierra Flores" Medial Faculty and Bioethics Committee. Health Studies Area. Northeast University, A. C. Mexico (25th September, 2006).
  • Latin American Association of Health Law (AIDAS) Argentina (22nd May, 2007)
  • National Institute of Health and Scientific Research (INSERM) France (1st September, 2007)
  • Ecuadorean Society of Bioethics. Ecuador (30th April, 2009)
  • Bangladesh Bioethics Society (BBS). Bangladesh (22nd June, 2010)


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