Scientific Committee


Marcelo Palacios (Spain)
Founder of the International Society on Bioethics (SIBI)


Erin Williams (USA)
Principal Health Policy Analyst by MITRE
Professor George Mason University (Virginia)


Luís Martínez Roldán (Spain)
Incumbent of Philosophy of Law. University of Oviedo


Laurence Azoux Bacrie (France)
Lawyer. Doctor in Bioethics and Biology
Erwin Bernat (Austria)
Professor of the Public Law Institute
University of Graz
Victoria Camps (Spain)
Incumbent of Moral Philosophy and Politics
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Erwin Deutsch (Germany)
Director of Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute
University of Göettingen.
Santiago Dexeus (Spain)
Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Director of the Clinic “Tres Torres”. Barcelona
Rev. Maurice Dooley (Ireland)
Professor of Theology and Canon Law
St Patrick's College, Thurles
Fátima Z. El Kebir (Algeria)
Professor University of Orán
Jesús A. Fernández Suárez (Spain)
Professor of Law Philosophy
University of Oviedo.
Volnei Garrafa (Brazil)
Professor at University of Brasilia
Coordinator of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
President of the Latin-American Section of SIBI
Santiago Grisolía (Spain)
President of the Valencian Council of Culture
Prince of Asturias Prize Winner (Scientific and technological research)
Georges Kutukdjian (Lebanon)
Mediator of the UNESCO
Professor at University of París (France)
Juan Ramón Lacadena Calero (Spain)
Incumbent of the Genetics Chair. Biology Faculty.
Complutense University of Madrid
Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal)
Lawyer. Ex President of the National Council of Ehics for the Sciences of Life.
Jean Michaud (France)
Judge.Member of National Committee for Sciences of Life and Health. París
Jacinthe Nkongolo (D.R. of the Congo)
Professor PRH-International. Doctor in applied Pedagogy
Alain Pompidou (France)
Professor of Biology University René Descartes. Paris
Svitlana Pustovit (Ukraine)
President Ukrainian Association on Bioethics
PhD in Biology, MA in Philosophy
Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain)
Incumbent. Director of the Law and Human Genome Chair. University of Deusto.
Margarita Salas (Spain)
Professor Centre for Molecular Biology "Severo Ochoa"
Autonomous University of Madrid
Amos Shapira (Israel)
Incumbent of the Law and Biomedical Ethics Chair.
University of Tel Aviv.
Francoise Shenfield (United Kingdom)
Medical Doctor. Fertility Specialist at the London Women's Clinic.
Reproductive Medicine Unit
Michèle Stanton-Jean (Canada)
President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO
Professor of International Law. University of Montreal
Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis (Greece)
Founder President. Biopolitics International Organization