Monday, 19th September 2011
From 10,00 h. Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI)
  Meeting of the African Grou
11,00 h. Collection of Documentation
13,30 h. Official Inauguration of V. R. Potter Street (Scientific and Technological Park of Gijón)
  Interventions: Gijón Town Hall, SIBI and Mrs. Lisa Potter (USA)


19,30 h. INAUGURATION Acts
Mr. Marcelo Palacios
President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI and Organizer
Mrs. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo
Mayoress of Gijon and President of the SIBI Foundation
Mr. Francisco Álvarez-Cascos Fernández
President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias (JGPA)
Mrs. Rosa Aguilar Rivero (SPAIN)
Minister of Environment, Rural and Seaside Areas
  Inaugural Intervention
Mrs. Lisa Potter,(USA)
Research Specialist, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.
Global Bioethics Remembering and Honoring the Father of Bioethics: Van Rensselaer Potter
  Gijón of my soul (text of Javier Díaz, interpreted by Víctor García González and the Chamber quartet)
21,00 h. Spanish Wine (Congress Hall)
Tuesday, 20 th September 2011
9,00 h.   ROUND TABLE  
  Chairmanship Mr.Carlos Romeo Casabona (SPAIN)
  Lectures Mrs. Lucie Furaha Shwaghi (R.D.CONGO)
    Recruitment of raped girls and women and their social reintegration in the Territory of Kalehe  
    Mr. Daniel Maynas Inuma (PERU)
    Indian peoples, climatic change and the Objectives of Development of the Millennium  
    Mrs. Shamima Parvin Lasker (BANGLADESH)
    Environmental change: A grave concern for Bangladesh  
9,50 h. Oral Presentations  
    Mr. Ángel Naval (SPAIN)
    A more sustainable world for childhood  
    Mr. Alcino Eduardo Bonella (BRAZIL)
    Animal experimentation: some bioethical considerations  
10,10 h. Debate    
10,40 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (GREECE)
  Lecture Mr. José Mª Baldasano Recio (SPAIN)
    Ethical behaviour in the current anthropogenic climatic change  
11,10 h. Oral Presentations  
    Mr. Jean Michaud (FRANCE)
    The environment and sustainable development  
    Mr. Daniel García San José (SPAIN)
    Bioethical and legal considerations of the principle of security before the new advances of the sciences of life and the technologies and its risks for human health and the environment  
    Mr. Edgar Muganzi (UGANDA)
    Environment and sustainable development – Case study Uganda  
11,30 h. Debate    
12,00 h. COFFEE-BREAK  
12,15 h. Chairmanship Mrs. Victoria Camps (SPAIN)
  Lecture Mr. Parviz Koohafkan (IRAN)
    Security and food sovereignty through the sustainable handling of our agricultural patrimonies  
12,45 h.   Oral Presentations  
    Mr. Jaime Costa Vilamajó (SPAIN)
    9 years of cultivation in Spain of corns -,MON 810; bioethical aspects  
    Mrs. Mª Sol Terlizzi (ARGENTINA)
    Green Patents: some bioethical considerations from the perspective of,developing countries  
    Mrs. María Victoria Fernández Molina (MEXICO)
    Reflections: The importance of the economic, social and cultural rights within the framework of an epidemiological alert  
    Mr. Carlos,Fernando Álvarez González (COLOMBIA)
    Fundamentals for a Bioethics of human development  
13,25 h. Debate    
14,00 h. PAUSE - LUNCH  


16,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Amos Shapira (ISRAEL)
  Lecture Mrs. María Neira (SPAIN,SWITZERLAND)
    Determinants of Health and Environment  
16,30 h. Debate    
17,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Santiago Grisolía (SPAIN)
  Lecture Mr. Giorgio Berchicci (ITALY)
    The Specific Role of European specialists in prevention and cure of Environmentally-related Disease  
17,30 h. Oral presentations  
    Mrs. María. C Hennes Sampaio (BRAZIL)
    Development, sustainability and aging in Brazil:,An ethical and bioethical treatment of Aging Human Being  
    Mrs. Niurka Taureaux (CUBA)
    The ethics in Public Health and environmental education in the syllabus of medicine, Cuba 2011  
    Mr. Michael Anjello Jothirajan (INDIA)
    Ethics of effective and sustainable sanitation in developing countries  
18,00 h. Debate    
18,30 h Chairmanship Mr. Volnei Garrafa (BRAZIL)
    Mrs.Laurence Azoux Bacrie (FRANCE)
    Environment and social responsibility and health,,at international level  
    Mrs. Leida Rijnhout (BELGIUM)
    Environmental justice and equity in the world  
    Mr. José Esquinas Alcázar (SPAIN)
    The Declaration of Cordoba 2010 about agricultural biodiversity in the fight against hunger and to face up to the climatic change  
19,30 h. Debate    
20,00 h. End of the Session  


17,00 h.Second Lecture Hall
  Chairmanship Mr. Javier García Amez (SPAIN)
  Oral presentations  
    Mr. Sergio Néstor Osorio García (COLOMBIA)
    The auto-eco-organizer paradigm as a tool to think about the bioethical challenges in the planetary era  
    Mr. Cristian Garvía Araoz (FRANCE)
    What is that distinguishes,Latin American Bioethics?  
    Mr. Jose Antonio García Pereáñez (COLOMBIA)
    Bioethical analysis of the Development with sustainability and environmental protection in the Municipality of Yarumal, (Antioch) Colombia  
    Mr. Joaquin Jiménez Gonzalez (SPAIN)
    IInternational legislative framework and factors of influence in the preimplantation genetic diagnosis  
    Mr. Danillo da Silva Alves (BRAZIL)
    The need to carry out a policy that allows reflection on the environmental education in the state schools of the city of Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil  
    Mr. Pedro Héctor Mazza (ARGENTINA)
    The Bioethics Committee and its contribution to the removal of the vital support methods in the critical patient  
    Mrs. Taysa Schiocchet (BRAZIL)
    The law faced with the access to and exploitation of human genetic samples and information: donation of blood, consent and Brazilian Indian peoples  
    Mrs. Izaskun Petralanda Jáuregui (VENEZUELA)
    Ecoenviromental sustainable development and ethnocultural diversity: Bioethical repercussions  
    Mr. Javier García Amez (SPAIN)
    Environmental responsibility in the European Union  
    Mrs. Fernanda Schaefer Rivabem (BRAZIL)
    Society of the Information and the Education for health data protection  
    Mr. Ludwig Schmidt (VENEZUELA)
    Life principle: A new paradigm socio-environmental bioethics  
    Mr. Fernando Hellmann (BRAZIL)
    Brazilian contributions to environmental Bioethics  
    Mrs.Emilssen González de Cancino (COLOMBIA)
    Facilitating dialogue with ancestral cultures. The Colombian case  
Wednesday, 21st September 2011
9,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Erwin Deutsch (GERMANY)
Mrs. Jacinthe Nkongolo (R. D. CONGO)
The situation of the woman in sub-Saharan Africa can change
Mr. Daniel Piedra (CUBA)
Environmental crisis, Bioethical Crisis
Mr. Jose Manuel Silvero,Arévalos (PARAGUAY)
The Yvy marave´y (Earth without Evil) of the guaranis as a paradigm of a healthy community
10,00 h. Debate
10,30 h. Chairmanship Mr. Erwin Bernat (AUSTRIA)
Lecture Mr. Juan José Tamayo Acosta (SPAIN)
Contribution of the religions to the defense of the common properties of Nature and Human race
11,00 h. Oral Presentations
Mr. Alfonso Llano (COLOMBIA)
The Church and,the World Ecological Crisis
Mrs. Marilda Soares (BRAZIL)
Ethno-Racial prejudice and the Brazilian Literature: a Bioethical reflection
11,20 h. Debate
12,05 h. Chairmanship Mr. Georges Kutukdjian (LEBANON)
Lecture Mr. Francisco García Novo (SPAIN)
Ecological Ethics, Human Ethics
12,35 h. Debate
Chairmanship Mr. Jesús A. Fernández (SPAIN)
Mr. Miyako Takagi (JAPAN)
Neuroethics on new applications of Deep Brain Stimulation
Mr. Paolo Benanti (ITALY)
Mr. Mohammed Abul Kalam (BANGLADESH)
Climate Change and Ethical Issues in Research
Mr. Geraldo B. Lindoso Couto (BRAZIL)
Evaluation of protocols of investigation to the light of the Bioethics
Mrs. Mª del Carmen Álvarez Baza (SPAIN)
Suspicion of ill-treatment to the elderly that go to a hospital emergency service Mr. Javier Blázquez Ruiz
Nanotechnologies and environment: right to sustainability
14,00 h. PAUSE - LUNCH

16,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Juan Ramón Lacadena (SPAIN)
Lecture Mr. Salvador D. Bergel (ARGENTINA)
Poverty and Environment in the reality of Latin America
16,30 h Oral Presentations
Mrs. Jacqueline Cortez (BOLIVIA)
Bioethical education directed to the formation in values on Environment in the Medicine degree
Mrs. Marta Helena Herrera Álvarez (CUBA)
Environment and Bioethics
16,50 h. Debate
17,20 h. ROUND TABLE
Chairmanship Mr. Santiago Dexeus (SPAIN)
Lectures Mr. Luis Jiménez Herrero (SPAIN)
Sustainability and biocentric ethics considering the global change
Mr. Raed Hamadeh (PALESTINE)
The current environmental health in Palestine
Mr. Mario García Sánchez (SPAIN)
Accessibility and sustainability : Real Utopias
18,20 h. Oral Presentations
Mrs. Soledad Arnau Ripollés (SPAIN)
Bioethics in the functional diversity: Condition of possibility for a sustainable development
18,30 h. Debate
19,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Luis Martínez Roldán (SPAIN)
Lecture Mr. Antonio Álvarez Pinilla (SPAIN)
The economic approach in the analysis of environmental problems
Thursday, 22nd May 2011

MEETING: Young People facing the Environmental Future

9,00 h. Chairmanship Mr. Maurice Dooley (IRELAND)
Lecture Mr. Ricardo Anadón (SPAIN)
Unlimited Earth?
9,30 h. Debate
10,00 h. ROUND TABLE
Chairmanship Mrs. Fátima Z. El Kebir (ALGERIA)
Lectures University Students
Mrs. Jana Smidakova Krompolcova (CZECH REP,SPAIN)
Environment and Health
Mrs. Elena Atienza Macias (SPAIN)
Bioethics and Chemistry: Lights and Shadows of an environmentally controversial sector
Mrs. Antonella Rivera (HONDURAS)
Sustainability of the Caribbean coastal area
Mr. Benjamín Detraux Recio (SPAIN)
Biodiversity conservation: Ethic or selfish dilemma?
11,00 h. Debate
11,45 h. ROUND TABLE
Chairmanship Mrs. Erin Williams (USA)
Lectures Secondary School Students
Mrs. Ekaterina Súrkina and Mrs. Sofia Cueto Martínez (SPAIN)
Poverty and Sustainable Development
Real Instituto de Jovellanos (Gijón)
Mr. Pablo Díaz Fernández and,Mrs. Alicia Llamas Álvarez (SPAIN)
The air that we breathe in our cities. Bioethical implications
IES Bernaldo de Quirós (Mieres)
Mrs. Beatriz Rodríguez Sánchez and Mrs. Aida Santamaría Álvarez (SPAIN)
Sustainability of,coastal Ecosystem
IES Monte Naranco (Oviedo)
Mrs. Laura Rodríguez Abejón and Mrs. Beatriz Merino Barbancho (SPAIN)
Transgenics and Bioethics
Colegio Ursulinas (Gijón)
12,45 h. Debate
Chairmanship Mrs. Isolina Riaño (SPAIN)
Oral Presentations
Mrs. Ludmila Perepelycia (ARGENTINA)
Importance of the formation of human resources for the attention to health based on the respect for human dignity
Mr. Cesar Rodríguez Orgaz (SPAIN)
About Geomedicine: health and environmental conditions
Mrs. Rosali,Mullings Pérez (CUBA)
Bioethics in the Primary Health Care
Mr. Enrique Marín Palma (SPAIN)
Bioremediation with genetically modified organisms and the objectives of sustainable development
Mr. Julio García Guerrero (SPAIN)
Informed consent (IC) and Clinical Investigation in prisons. Is it,possible with freedom?
14,05 h. PAUSE-LUNCH

16,00 h. ROUND TABLE
Chairmanship Mr. Luis Vaamonde Portas (SPAIN)
Lectures Secondary School Students
Mrs. María Alonso Alonso and Mrs. Paola Morán Rodríguez (SPAIN)
Fair trade: a tool for the sus tai nable development
Colegio Corazón de María (Gijón)
Mrs. Elba Fernández López and Mrs. Raquel Obeso Menéndez (SPAIN)
Incineration of waste materials and health
IES Llanera (Posada de Llanera)
Mrs. Sara Cloux González and Mrs. Patricia Díaz Azcano (SPAIN)
Built-in Obsolescence and Environment
IES Mata Jove (Gijón)
Mrs. Lara Naves Alegre and Mr. Nicolás González Rodil (SPAIN)
Transfer of river basins – Environment and socio-political aspects
IES Cristo del Socorro (Luanco)
17,00 h. Debate
17,30 h. ROUND TABLE
Chairmanship Mrs. Svitlana Pustovit (UKRAINE)
Lectures University Students
Mr. Carlos Xabel Lastra (SPAIN)
Intergenerational Justice a young point of view
Mrs. Ivy Lomotey (GHANA)
Development and Sustainability of fisheries resources in the Gulf of Guinea
Mrs. Laura Benítez (SPAIN)
Biocentrism and sus tai nable development
Mr. Sergio Ordás and Mr. Alejandro Castro (SPAIN)
Forest a guarantee of Resources for the Future
18,30 h. Debate
19,00 h. End of the Session

19,30 h. Acts of CLOSURE
Mr.,Marcelo Palacios
President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI and Organization
-Awarding of SIBI PRIZE 2011 to
International Cooperation Gijón Town Hall
-Awarding of Diplomas to ex- Presidents SIBI Foundation to
Mr. Vicente Alvarez Areces
Mrs. Paz Fernández Felgueroso
Mr. Vicente Gotor Santamaría
Magn. Rector of the University of Oviedo
Mr. Fernando Goñi Merino
President of the House of Representatives of the Principality of Asturias (JGPA)
Mr. Glenn McGee,(USA)
Editor in Chief of The American Journal of Bioethics. The Center for Practical Bioethics (Kansas City)
Mrs. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo
Mayoress of Gijón and President of,SIBI,Foundation
Date and place of the VIII World Conference on Bioethics
21,00 h. Spanish wine (Congress Hall)
Mr. Delio Guerro Prado (SPAIN)
Motivation before the voluntary termination of pregnancy  
Mrs. Sandra Sandoval Barrientos (CHILE)
Knowledge, attitudes and practices on solar protection in students of Nursing  
Mr. Fernando Hellmann (BRAZIL)
Environmental bioethics in health education in Brazil: The case of the Naturology Course  

Nota: Advance of program waiting of several oral presentations submitted could cover the basis.