Monday, 21st November 2005
After 9,30 h Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI)
Meeting of the Latin-American Division of the SIBI
11,30 h. Collection of Documentation
Meeting of the Group on «Declaration of Gijón against the use of biological weapons»

Opening Lecture: Hon. Mr. Wole Soyinka (Nigeria). NOBEL Prize Winner
20,30 h. CONCERT
Tuesday, 22nd November 2005

SUBJECT: Privacy and genetic data

9,00 h Chairmanship: Alain Pompidou (France)
Lecturer: Juan R. Lacadena (Spain)
Genetic prospection and data banks
9,30 h. Oral Presentations (3)
10, 00 h. Debate
10,30 h. Chairmanship: Erwin Bernat (Austria)
Lecturer: Michèle Jean (Canada)
Confidentiality and Genetic data: how to ensure a democratic and,responsible framework of governance
11,00 h. Oral Presentations (3)
11,30 h. Debate
12,00 h. COFFE-BREAK
12,15 h. Chairmanship: Margarita Salas (Spain)
Lecturer: Darryl Macer (New Zealand)
Privacy, openness, and obligations of personal human genetic data
Oral Presentations (3)
13,15 h. Debate

16 h. Chairmanship: Ólöf Yrr Atladóttir (Iceland)
Lecturer: Erwin Deutsch (Germany)
Rights and obligations of the person concerning his genetic data
16,30 h. Oral Presentations (3)
17 h. Debate
17,30 h. Chairmanship: Dafna Feinholz (México)
Lecturer: Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain)
Protection of genetic data related to biological simples for,biomedical research
18,00 h. Oral Presentations (3)
18,30 h. Debate
19 h. End of the Session
Wednesday, 23rd November 2005

SUBJECT: Biological weapons

9,00 h. Chairmanship: Héctor Gros Espiell (Uruguay)
  Lecturer: Agni Arvanitis (Greece)
    Bio-Defence: The Ethics of the Protection of Bios
9,30 h. Oral Presentations (3)
10,00 h. Debate  
10,30 h. Chairmanship: Santiago Grisolía (Spain)
  Lecturer: Sang-yong Song (Corea)
    Bacteriological Warfare in History
11,00 h. Oral Presentations (3)
11,30 h. Debate  
12,00 h. COFFE-BREAK
12,15 h. Chairmanship: Nanette Elster (USA)
  Lecturer: Robin Coupland (International Red Cross, ICRC, Switzerland)
    Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity. A call for synergy of,action to prevent poisoning and deliberate spread of infectious,disease
12,45 h. Oral Presentations (3)
13,15 h. Debate  


AfternoonRound tables: On violence
16,00 h. Chairmanship: Volnei Garrafa (Brazil)
  Lecturers: Juan Luis Arsuaga (Spain)
    The origin of mankind
    Georges Kututkdjan (Lebanon)
    Children and Violence in the Media
    Dafna Feinholz (Mexico)
    Consideration about violence of gender
    José A. Florez Lozano (Spain)
    Violence against the elderly
17,20 h. Debate  
17,50 h. Chairmanship: Salvador D. Bergel (Argentina)
  Lecturers: Christine Ondoa Onama (Uganda)
    The effects of Violence on Children and Women in Northern,Uganda
    Sahin Aksoy (Turky)
    The conditions and limits of using violence against living beings in,Islamic understanding
    Fátima Zohra El Kebir (Algeria)
    The contribution of the genetics in the field of the violence
    Jaime Escobar Triana (Colombia)
    Bioethical considerations about exclusion seeing as a new sort of
19,10 h. Debate  
19,40 h End of the Session
21,30 h. DINNER in Honour of the attendants (Atlantic Botanic Garden)
Thursday, 24th November 2005

SUBJECT: Access to the Health Systems and Medicines

9,00 h. Chairmanship Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal)
  Lecturer: Héctor Gros Espiell (Uruguay)
    Justice / equity
  Oral Presentations (3)
10,00 h. Debate  
10, 30 h. Chairmanship Michèle Jean (Canada)
  Lecturer Volnei Garrafa (Brazil)
    The Bioethics of intervention and access to Health Systems and
  Oral Presentations (3)
11,30 h. Debate  
12,00 h. COFFE-BREAK
12,15 h. Chairmanship François Zioko (Republik of Congo)
  Lecturer: Salvador D. Bergel (Argentina)
    Access to medicines as a bioethical issue
  Oral Presentations (3)
13,15 h. Debate  


16 h. Chairmanship: Darryl Macer (New Zealand)
  Lecturer: Giorgio Berchicci (Italy)
    Access to health care systems and medicines in Europe
  Oral Presentations (3)
17,00 h. Debate  
17,30 h. Chairmanship Victoria Camps (Spain)
  Lecturer: Miguel Kottow (Chile)
    Health justice: between the State and the ethics of protection
  Oral Presentations (3)
18,30 h. Debate  
19 h. End of the Session
Friday, 25th November 2005
MorningRound Tables
9,00 h. Round Table: Privacy and genetic data
  Chairmanship Jean Michaud (France)
  Lecturers: Ólöf Yrr Atladóttir (Iceland)
    Genetic research in a secluded population. Reflections from an,islander
    Santiago Dexeus, M. del Campo, M. Boada (Spain)
    Privacy of inherited oncogynecological illnesses
    José Mª Cantú (México)
    Implementation of legislation in Latin-America
10 h. Debate  
10,30 h. Round Table: Biological Weapons
  Chairmanship Amos Shapira (Israel)
  Lecturers: Nanette Elster (USA)
    Biological Threats: Ethical Preparation and Responses
    François Zioko (Republik of Congo)
    Biological weapons and health of the Democratic Republic of,Congo population
    Luis E. Martin Otero (Spain)
    Applied biotechnology to the detection of terrorism within the,Spanish Ministry of Defence
11,10 h Oral Presentations (2)
11,30 h. Debate  
12,15 h. Round Table: Access to the Health Systems and Medicines
  Chairmanship Jayapaul Azariah (India)
  Lecturers: Gonzalo Figueroa (Chile)
    Access to Health Services and medicines
    Daniel Piedra (Cuba)
    Health in poor countries, what is it posible?
    Fermín Roland Schramm (Brazil)
    Bioethics of protection: An effective tool for the access to the,health services and medicine for the damaged populations?
    Ludwig Schmidt (Venezuela)
    Bioethical implications of the new health services
13,35 h. Debate  


AfternoonRound Table: Life and its developpment
16, h Chairmanship: José Eduardo de Siqueira (Brazil)
  Lecturers: José Egózcue (Spain)
    Biological aspects of embryological development
    Rev. Maurice Dooley (Ireland)
    The status of embryo as the fundamental problem in bioethics
    Francesc Abel Fabre (Spain)
    Human embryo: A critical approach to bioethical reason
    Victor Penchaszadeh (Argentine)
    Ethics at the beginning of life
17,20 h Debate  
17,50 h Chairmanship: Sang-yong Song (Corea)
  Lecturers: María Casado (Spain)
    Embryos and the medicine of the future
    Devline Msowoya (Malawi)
    To be born in Africa. Life expectancies at the beginning of the,millennium
    Jayapaul Azariah (India)
    Life can't die but develops in the soil of moral teaching- traditions,-arguments in areas of bioethical issues
18,50 h Oral Presentations (3)
19,20 h Debate  
19,45 h. End of the Session
  -Awarding of SIBI PRIZE 2005 to Baroness Mary Warnock
-Lecture and adoption of the «Declaration of Gijon against biological,weapons»
-Date and Venue of the V World Conference on Bioethics
  -Closure Intervention:
Hon. Vicente Álvarez Areces
President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias