SIBI Journal


The SIBI journal is one of the main channels of communication and exchange of insights and experiences within the International Society of Bioethics. Its Editorial Board guarantees the quality of its contents by assessing the validity and rigour of the articles we receive. Issue No. 0 on 2nd July, 1998 served as a means to introduce present ourselves. From now onwards, the journal will have a defined layout and will be published on a biannual basis, first in Spanish and English, and then -we hope-, also in French.

The status of our Co-operating Members of SIBI Journal is a reliable indicator of the impact and general acceptance of the SIBI at all levels: public, academic and biomedical/environmental. Therefore, apart from being entitled to receiving the journal periodically, their contributions are a symbol of the growing awareness of the importance of Bioethics in the threshold of the 21st Century, which will undoubtedly be the Century of Bioethics.

SIBI Journal

We are taking the first steps of an ambitious journey. Our modest, though firm, aspiration is to keep our bearings, to maintain a constructive spirit and to make it long-lasting. Bioethics is a young discipline which must be collectively built up, and which needs its own language, a fundamental tool undergoing constant updating. The SIBI journal would like to thank in advance all those accepting this challenge, -which, due to its nature, will probably never be completely satisfied-, those taking part in our sincere and open decide to communicate with each other, and those making non-coincident views come closer (by means of reasoned dialogue and mutual respect), so as to yield a positive and universal intellectual product.

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