Francis P. Crawley (BELGIUM)
Executive Director of the Good Clinical Practice Alliance – Europe (GCPA)
Chairman of the Ethical Review Committee of the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR)
Rusen Keles (TURKEY)
Professor of Urban and Environmental Politics and Local Government at University of Ankara - Turkey
Rafael Matesanz (SPAIN)
Director of National Transplant Organization (ONT)
Marilda Soares (BRAZIL)
Pedagogue. Member of Brazil Association of Bioethicist
Carlos Romeo Casabona (SPAIN)
Director Interuniversity Chair in Law and Human Genome Chair. Professor of Penal Law. Deusto University
National Clinical Director for Transplantation
Dolores Escudero Augusto (SPAIN)
Coordinator of Transplant Unit at Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA)
Miguel Oliveira Da Silva (PORTUGAL)
President of CNECV – National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences
Jose Luis Escalante Cobo (SPAIN)
Director of Transplantation Program at Gregorio Marañón Hospital (Madrid)
Stefano Semplici (ITALY)
University of Roma
President of the International Committee on Bioethics of UNESCO
Vicente Bellver Capella (SPAIN)
Professor of Philosophy of Law and Ex-General Director of Scientific Politics in Valencia
Maureen Tumusiime (UGANDA)
Chairperson Hoperestoration Initiative
José Antonio Flórez Lozano (SPAIN)
Professor of Behavioral Sciences of Medicine Department at University of Oviedo
Didier Sicard (FRANCE)
Ex President of CCNE (National Ethics Advisory Committee of France)
José María Urquía Etxabe (SPAIN)
Director of the Royal Society of Friends of the Basque Country
Maura Augusta Soares de Oliveira (BRAZIL)
Jesús Otero Hernández (SPAIN)
Director of Transplant Unit at Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA)
Bernardo Díaz Nosty (SPAIN)
Professor of journalism. Director of UNESCO Chair of the University of Málaga.


Erin Williams (USA)
Specialist in Bioethical Policy at US Congress. Principal Health Policy Analyst at Mitre Company
Luís Martínez Roldan (SPAIN)
Chair Professor of Philosophy Law. University of Oviedo
Laurence Azoux Bacrie (FRANCE)
Lawyer. Doctor in Bioethics and Biology
Erwin Bernat (AUSTRIA)
Professor of Public Law Institute. University of Graz
Victoria Camps (SPAIN)
Chair Professor of Moral and Policy Philosophy. Autonomous University of Barcelona
Erwin Deustch (GERMANY)
Professor – Director of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute. University of Göttinga
Santiago Dexeus (SPAIN)
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Santiago Dexeus Gynecological Center. Barcelona
Fátima Z. El Kebir (ARGELIA)
Professor of the Development Sciences Institute. Laboratory of Biology University of Oran
Volnei Garrafa (BRAZIL)
Professor at University of Brasilia. Coordinator of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. President of the Board Director of Latin America and Caribbean Network (REDBIOETICA)
Georges Kutukdjian (LEBANON)
Mediator of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Juan R. Lacadena (SPAIN)
Emeritus Chair Professor of Genetics. Biology Faculty. Complutense University of Madrid
Paula Martinho da Silva (PORTUGAL)
Lawyer. Ex President of the National Council of Ethics for the Sciences of Life
Jacinthe Nkongolo (D.R.CONGO)
Professor PRH-International. Doctor in applied Pedagogy
Svitlana Pustovit (UKRAINE)
President of Ukrainian Association on Bioethics. PhD in Biology, MA in Philosophy
Amos Shapira (ISRAEL)
Chair Professor of Law and Biomedical Ethics. University of Tel Aviv
Francoise Shenfield (UNITED KINGDOM)
Medicine Doctor. Member of the Authority of Fertilization and Human Embryology of the United Kingdom. Coordinator on ethics and law at ESHRE
Michèle Stanton-Jean (CANADA)
President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Professor of International Law. University of Montreal
Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (GREECE)
Professor. President Founder of the Biopolitics International Organisation