Parviz Koohafkan (IRAN)
Director Land and Water Division, Natural Resources and Environment Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
María Neira (SPAIN)
Director Public Health and Environment Department.
World Health Organization (WHO)
Lisa Potter (USA)
Research, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research. Global Bioethics
Juan José Tamayo Acosta (SPAIN)
Director Theology and Religions Sciences Chair Carlos III University, Madrid
Leida Rijnhout (BELGIUM)
Executive Director The Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)
José Esquinas Alcázar (SPAIN)
Director of the Chair of Studies on Hunger and Poverty, University of Córdoba.
Ex-president of the Temporary Committee of Ethics for Food and Agriculture of the FAO
Raed Hamadeh (PALESTINE)
Doctor. Director of Primary Health Care Department. Health Work Committees (HWC)
José Mª Baldasano (SPAIN)
Chair Professor of Environmental Engineering. University Polytechnic of Catalonia.
Director Earth Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS)
Glenn McGee (USA)
Philosophy Doctor. Editor in Chief, The American Journal of Bioethics. The Center for Practical Bioethics, Kansas City
Francisco García Novo (SPAIN)
Chair Professor Department of Vegetable Biology and Ecology, University of Seville
Salvador Darío Bergel (ARGENTINA)
Professor of Law. University of Buenos Aires.
Vice-president of the Latin American division of the SIBI
Ricardo Anadón Álvarez (SPAIN)
Honorary Chair Professor of Ecology. Department of Biology of Organisms and Systems. University of Oviedo.
Jacinthe Nkongolo (R.D. CONGO)
Professor PRH-International. Doctor in applied Pedagogy
Antonio Álvarez Pinilla (SPAIN)
Director of the Unit of Analysis and Innovation of Cajastur
Laurence Azoux Bacrie (FRANCE)
Doctor in Bioethics and Biology. General Secretary of the Association International Observatory of Law of Bioethics and Biomedicine (OIDBB). Paris
Soledad Arnau Ripollés (SPAIN)
Research of Department of Philosophy and Moral Philosophy and Policy (UNED) and of ASPAYM – Madrid. Member of the Ethical Welfare Committee (CEA) National Hospital of Paraplegic (Toledo)
Lucie Furaha Shwagi (R.D. CONGO)
Recruitment and social reintegration of battered women in Kalehe
Ángel Naval Balbín (SPAIN)
President UNICEF Asturias
Giorgio Berchicci (ITALY)
Treasurer of European Union of Medical Specialists. (UEMS). Co-Chairman of Ethics Working Group
Luís Jiménez Herrero (SPAIN)
Professor of Economy and Environment. University Complutense of Madrid. Executive Director Observatory on Sustainability in Spain (OSE)
Félix Daniel Piedra Herrera (CUBA)
Doctor in Biological Sciences. President of National Cuban Committee on Bioethics.
Mario García Sánchez (SPAIN)
President Spanish Confederation of People with Physics and Organic Disability (COCEMFE))
José Manuel Silvero Arevalos (PARAGUAY)
Doctor in Philosophy. Professor of the National University of Asunción. Founder of Paraguayan Centre of Bioethics.
Daniel Maynas Inuma (PERU)
President of the Centre of Promotion and Development Rural Amazonian (CEPODRA)
Shamima Parvin Lasker (BANGLADESH)
General Secretary of the Bangladesh Bioethics Society


Jana Smidakova Krompolcova (CZECH REP, SPAIN)
University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy
University of Oviedo
Elena Atienza Macias (SPAIN)
Interuniversity Chair in Law and Human Genome
University of Deusto / Basque Country University
Antonella Rivera (HONDURAS)
Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
University of Oviedo
Sergio Ordás (SPAIN)
Forest and Natural Resources Engineering
University of Oviedo
Benjamín Detraux Recio (SPAIN)
Faculty of Biology
University of Oviedo
Laura Benítez Valero (SPAIN)
Department of Philosophy
Autonomus University of Barcelona
Ivy Lomotey (GHANA)
Master in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
University of Oviedo
Carlos Xabel Lastra (SPAIN)
Kennedy School
Universidad de Harvard (EE.UU.)
Alejandro Castro (SPAIN)
Forest and Natural Resources Engineering
University of Oviedo


Nicolás González Rodil
Lara Naves Alegre
IES Cristo del Socorro (Luanco)
Sofía Cueto Martínez
Ekaterina Súrkina
Real Instituto de Jovellanos (Gijón)
Laura Rodríguez Abejón
Beatriz Merino Barbancho
Colegio Ursulinas (Gijón)
Beatriz Rodríguez Sánchez
Aida Santamaría Álvarez
IES Monte Naranco (Oviedo)
María Alonso Alonso
Paola Morán Rodríguez
Colegio Corazón de María (Gijón)
Elba Fernández López
Raquel Obeso Menéndez
IES Llanera (Posada de LLanera)
Sara Cloux González
David Sastre García
IES Mata Jove (Gijón)
Pablo Díaz Fernández
Alicia Llamas Álvarez
IES Bernaldo de Quirós (Mieres)

See also Pedagogic Program


Santiago Grisolía (SPAIN)
President of the Valencian Council of Culture.
Principe de Asturias Prize of Scientific and Technical Research.
Erin Williams (USA)
Bioethics Advisor of United States Congress (New York).
Professor Georges Mason University (Virginia).
Victoria Camps (SPAIN)
Chair Professor of Moral and Policy Philosophy. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Erwin Deustch (GERMANY)
Professor – Director of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute. University of Göttinga
Santiago Dexeus (SPAIN)
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Santiago Dexeus Gynecological Center. Barcelona
Maurice Dooley (IRLANDA)
Professor of Theology and Canon Law. St Patrick's College, Thurles.
Fátima Z. El Kebir (ALGERIA)
Professor of the Development Sciences Institute. Laboratory of Biology. University of Oran
Volnei Garrafa (BRAZIL)
Professor at University of Brasilia. Coordinator of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics.
President of the Board Director of Latin America and Caribbean Network (REDBIOETICA)
Georges Kutukdjian (LEBANON)
Mediator of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Juan R. Lacadena (SPAIN)
Emeritus Chair Professor of Genetics. Biology Faculty. Complutense University of Madrid
Luís Martínez Roldan (SPAIN)
Chair Professor of Philosophy Law. University of Oviedo
Jean Michaud (FRANCE)
Judge Court of Appeal. Member of the National Committee on Ethics for Life and Health Sciences (CDBI) Paris
Carlos Romeo Casabona (SPAIN)
Director Interuniversity Chair in Law and Human Genome Chair.
Professor of Penal Law. Deusto University
Amos Shapira (ISRAEL)
Chair Professor of Law and Biomedical Ethics. University of Tel Aviv
Luis Vaamonde Portas (SPAIN)
Advisor of the Scientific – Technical Area of the Center of Professors and Resources of Gijón (CPR Gijón)
Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (GREECE)
President Founder of the Biopolitics International Organisation.
Svitlana Pustovit (UKRAINE)
President of Ukrainian Association on Bioethics. PhD in Biology, MA in Philosophy
Erwin Bernat (AUSTRIA)
Professor of Public Law Institute. University of Graz


Isolina Riaño (SPAIN)
Pediatrician. President of Ethical Committee for Medical Care. San Agustín Hospital (Avilés)
Jesús A. Fernández (SPAIN)
Professor of Law Philosophy. University of Oviedo.
Carmen Chamizo (SPAIN)
Nurse. Doctor by the University of Alicante. Professor of Department of Medicine of University of Oviedo.
Javier García Amez (SPAIN)
Lawyer. Member of the Committee of Ethics for the Atención Sanitaria. Área Sanitaria IV of Principality of Asturias.