On artificial twinning 1999

"Like continuation of subject ARTIFICIAL TWINNING (gemelatión) treated in the three and two meeting about July of the year1 998, in which also other aspects of the cloning were discussed, in the today meeting have appeared the produced changes since then, specially related to an important consisting of advance the obtaining of lines stem coming from human embryos (embryonic stem cells, ES). The present conclusions are:

  • First:, the artificial twinning, already difficult of by himself, lets have sense since an embryo can be cloned and can try itself that it is born in more than an occasion.
  • Second: the production of lines of stem cells(embryonic cells) creates the ethical problem of which it stops his obtaining is necessary to create embryos and to destroy them.
  • Third: The possible use of pluripotentes cells (EG), deserves to be studied bottom, because in case were totipotentes - it is not known at the present time could be used instead of ES them. In this case the EG could even obtain from fetuses nonaffection of genetic diseases coming from voluntary interruptions of the pregnancy or of adults.
  • Fourth: The production of ES from the biopsy of an only cell of an embryo that soon is transferred could allow to the production of customized stem cells, without problems by rejection in case that they are used to obtain atissue or organ. Possible applications could be families with genetic hiperlipemies, or poliyquístic kidney, etcetera".

ACT nº 3 GIJÓN (Spain)
7th May 1999