On beginning of the human life

"Relating the problem of the beginning of the human life two fundamental questions have to be considered. When begins a human life, when that human life that has begun can say that already it is individualized? This problematic one can be analyzed from diverse perspective: biological, genetic, embryological and philosophical aspects.

From the biological point of view it is important to indicate the continuity of any process that does impossible to distinguish before accurately and later, nevertheless that continuity is compatible with the emergency of new properties qualitatively different from existing the in a while previous one. A later commentary makes reference to the danger of the reduccionismus in Biology since "the all" biological one is not equal to the sum of the parts.

From the genetic point of view the consideration is very important that the two properties that define the properties of unicity, unique being and from unit to be one single one, are not defined until the fourteen days as of the moment of the fertilization, agreeing with the conclusion of the process of nesting of blastocyst in the walls of the uterus.

From the embryological point of view the present discussions compare the valuation of the embryo with relation to the "term", that is to say, the born individual.

Finally, from the philosophical point of view it is fundamental to consider when the developing human being reaches the human sustantivity".

ACT nº 3 GIJÓN (Spain)
7th May 1999