Commercial Exhibition

The TECHNICAL & COMMERCIAL Exhibition will give the opportunity to introduce the last innovations related with the Conference's main subjects offered by the market, showing them to the Delegates and Guests of the IV World Conference on Bioethics.

The exhibition will be located on the first floor of the Congress Palace, close to the Conference hall where the Lectures and rest of the activities will be held.

Exhibitors fees

Stands of 9 m2 (3x3)………………… 600 euros

This price includes the building of a module available for immediate occupancy, formed of the elements related below:

  • Wall-to-wall carpeted floor
  • Partition wall.
  • Aluminium pillar.
  • Facade and standard tittle.
  • Electric installation with earth wire and a plug of 500w output.

VAT: The taxes regulating the invoicing corresponding to this Commercial Exhibition will be of 7%, unless the legal prediction will suffer any changes.