Doctor of Philosophy. Researcher of the National University of Asunción. Member of the National Bioethics Commission of Paraguay. Advisory Board of the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Republic of Paraguay 

 X World Conference on Bioethics

Gijón (Spain) 17th  – 19th September 2018      

Congress Hall     Fairground Luis Adaro 











All Days Attendants  ................       50 €

One Day Attendants  ..................     20 €

Persons without financial means

and unemployed, and students........  0 €


To have the right to participate in the X World Congress of Bioethics the Attendant should have made the entrance of the registration fee to the account of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI)

           Bank Account     IBAN  ES60 2048 0003 6734 0401 2237    X Congreso Mundial de Bioética

The attendants shall send to SIBI the bank transfer slip and the fullfilled registration fee (attached below).

The companions shall send to SIBI only the fullfilled registration fee (attached below).

Those exempt of payment  shall also send  to SIBI their personal data.



          Exhibition of posters and participation fee....... €70/ unit

                                                      poster only....... €20/ unit

         This fee is payable in the above account of the IX Congress.

         The Exhibitor shall send to the SIBI the receipt of payment with its name, ID, address and email

         The posters will be delivered at the postal address of the SIBI before 24th August, inclusive, and they must be collected, either at theend of the Conference or latest on Friday21st September 

        The SIBI is not responsible for the posters from this date, or forwards them to their authors.




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X World Conference on Bioethics


Gijón (Spain) 17th – 19th September 2018

Congress Hall
Fairground Luis Adaro

President of Honour, Their Royal Majesties

the King and Queen of Spain 

“Youth and protection of the Environment”

Simultaneous translation Spanish-English

Monday, 17th September 2018



10:00 h.

Collection of Documentation

11:00 h.

 Simultaneous Games of Chess with Ms. Anna O. Muzychuk*

Former world champion in Speed Chess

100 min


17:00 h.

Simultaneous Games of Chess with Ms. Anna O. Muzychuk*

Former world champion in Speed Chess

 90 min

18:30 h.

Inauguration Acts


Mr. Javier Fernández Fernández 

President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias

Ms. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo 

Mayor of Gijón Local Government

Mr. Santiago García Granda 

Magnificent Rector of the University of Oviedo.

Mr. Félix Baragaño Suárez

President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Gijón

Ramón Areces  Foundation


Mr. Marcelo Palacios Alonso 

President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI 

19:00 h SIBI Award on the drafting of Bioethics Convention of Asturias
19:15 h. Salutation Ms. Anna Muzychuk                                             UKRAINE
19:30 h.


 Ms. Erin Williams / Mark Thomas



Bioethics Adviser of the USA Congress (New York). Professor George Mason University (Virginia).

Senior Principal, Portfolio Manager. Executive Director, Accelerating Biomedical Innovation CAMH Federally Funded Research and Development Center Operated by The MITRE Corporation

“Using Big Data and Advanced Analytics to Protect Vulnerable Children: The Importance of Environmental Health Data”
20:00 h.

     End of the Session

Spanish Wine sponsored by Sidra EL GAITERO

* With the collaboration of the Chess Federation of the Principality of Asturias 

Tuesday, 18th September 2018


10:00 h.


Ms. Fátima Z. El-Kebir


Professor of the Environment Sciences Institute.

Laboratory of Biology. Oran University


Mr. Serafín M. Costilla



Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine. University of Oviedo

Round Table

Mr. José Manuel Silvero Arévalos



Doctor of Philosophy. Researcher of the National University of Asunción. Member of the National Bioethics Commission of Paraguay. Advisory Board of the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Republic of Paraguay 


"Transhumanism and care of the environment"


Ms. Vitulia Ivone



Doctor of Civil Law and a professor at the University of Salerno


"European principles of protection of the environment and the fate of future generations"


Ms. Carme Valls Llobet



Women's Program Director, Health and Quality of Life of CAPS (Barcelona)



"Environment and health of youth. Prevention Strategies”


11:00 h. Debate 30 min

11:30 h.

Scientific Committee meeting

60 min

12:30 h.


Ms. Emilssen González de Cancino


Professor Faculty of Law Externado of Colombia

Mr. Jesus A. Fernández


Professor of Law Philosophy. University of Oviedo.

Round Table

Mr. Salvador D. Bergel


Jurist. Professor of Law. University of Buenos Aires.

"The environment as a bioethical issue"
Ms. Svitlana Pustovit UKRAINE

D. Sc. Professor,  Head of Philosophy Department, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

President of Ukrainian Association on Bioethics.

"Philosophical foundations of environment  protection”
Mr. Volnei Garrafa BRASIL
Prof. at University of Brasilia. Coordinator of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Pós-Grado in Bioethics Program in University of Brasilia.
"Bioethics and the principle of the protection of the environment, the biosphere and biodiversity"
13:30 h. Debate 30 min.

14:00 h.

End of the Session


17:00 h.


Mr. Devline Msowoya


PhD in Medicine at Alinafe Hospital


Mr. Luis Mª Pascual Pino



President of Ateneo Obrero of Gijón

 Round Table

Mr. F. Daniel Piedra Herrera


Doctor in Biological Sciences. Vice President of the Cuban National Committee of Bioethics
"Bioethical Tasks for youth"
Mr. José Ramón Obeso Suárez SPAIN


Vice President for Research of the University of      Oviedo. Professor of Ecology

"Human Activity and global change"

Ms. Dahiana Farto / Ms. Beatriz Ferreira URUGUAY

Licensed Esp. Police Hospital 

Mg. General Coordinator. Consultant for the United Nations, and INEFOP. Director of F&F Consultants

"To establish the relationship of ethics with human relations, environmental problems and their impact on climate change"
Mr. Ceferino Maestú Unturbe SPAIN
Director Bioelectro-magnetism laboratory of the Center for Biomedical Technology CTB. Doctor of Medicine
"Biological and behavioral risks the use of wireless communication systems in the Young"
18:20 h.


40 min 

19:00 h.


Mr.  Pablo I. Fernández Muñiz


Member of the Bioethics Committee of Spain. Surgeon and Director of Central University Hospital of Asturias

                          Ms. Isolina Riaño Galán


                          Doctor in Medicine. (HUCA)                



Ms. Laurence Azoux-Bacrie


Lawyer. Doctor in Bioethics and Biology.

Endocrine disruptors and the impact of the environment on youth and the future generations”


19:20 h.

Debate and continuation day´s Debate

40 min

20:00 h.

End of the Session

Wednesday, 19th October 2016


10:00 h.


Ms. Eva Mª Llera González


 Nobel Prize for Youth. Commissioned by Alfonso X the Wise. Degree in Biological Sciences. Former General Director of Maritime Fisheries and Head of Marine Algae Department. Principality of Asturias

Mr. Ignacio García-Arango Cienfuegos-Jovellanos  


President of Fundación Foro Jovellanos Principality of Asturias


Ms. Elena Marañón Maison


Professor of environmental technologies. University of Oviedo

"Progress, difficulties and challenges in the protection of the environment"
10:20 h. Debate 30 min
10:50 h. Chair Ms. Lida Angélica Sánchez Piraquive COLOMBIA

 Master in Bioethics at eht University of El Bosque. 

Social Worker

Ms. Xosé A. González Riaño SPAIN
President of the Asturian Language Academy
Lecturer Mr. Javier Cristobo Rodríguez SPAIN
The Director of the Oceanographic Center of Gijón Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO)
"Environmental Education in the marine environment: the time is now"

11:10 h.


30 min

11:40 h.


12:00 h.


Mr. Amos Shapira


Incumbent of the Law and Biomedical Ethics Chair. University of Tel Aviv.

Ms. Isabel Moro Trabanco


President of Ateneo Jovellanos of Gijón


Round Table

“Youth and protection of the Environment”


Secondary school students

IES Real Instituto Jovellanos


Xana García Fernández

Alba Nistal Barbero

Claudia Rodríguez Sobrino

“Breathing Death”


IES Avelina Cerra


Lara Malga Cuevas

Elena Díaz Davila

Carla Cifra Sánchez

"Laps with the circular economy"


IES Santa Cristina de Lena


Sandra Álvarez Álvarez

Alba Fernández Castañón

Pablo Rodríguez Rey

"Recycled, reused and backfilled"


IES  Fernández Vallín


Natalia Blanco de Arriba

Llara Delgado Rodríguez

Yanira Morán Ramos

"Youth and the noise pollution in Gijón”


13:00 h.




Sara Peláez Nebreda

Vania Allende Fernández



"The dark side of fashion"



13:15 h.

Colegio La Corolla, Liceo



Alba Puente Villar

Iván Pérez Villanueva



“Youth, consumption and Environment"




13,30 h.


30 min


14:00 h.







17,00 h.



Ms. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis  -


President Founder of the Biopolitics International Organisation.

Mr. Marcelo Palacios SPAIN
President of the Scientific Committee of SIBI


Students of “Mar de Niebla”



"Let's Save the west zone: The neighborhood and the environment is our responsibility"


17:15 h.




15 min

17:30 h.

Closing Act

Tribute to:

  • Mr. Elías García González (R.I.P.)
  • Mr. Álvaro Muñiz Suárez

Delivery SIBI Prize 2018 to the Centre of Teaching Staff and Resources of Gijon-Orient CPR.      

Delivery Diplomas Tribute to Teachers of the SIBI´s Pedagogical Program and Coordinators of CPR and featured partners in these 20 years..

19:00 h.

Interventions:                                                                                                        D. Pedro Sanjurjo González

 President of the Autonomous Parliament of the Principality of Asturias         

Mr. Genaro Alonso Mejido

Minister of Education of the Principality  of Asturias                       

Ms. Ana Montserrat López Moro

Councillor for Education and Culture of the City Council of  Gijón 

Mr. Marcelo Palacios Alonso

President  of the Scientific Committee of SIBI 

19:30 h.

Coral Intervention by Coro de la Bodega de Candás.  Directed by Mr. Salvador Cuervo

20:00 h.

End of Session           




There are currently 25 members of the SIBI Scientific Committee:

Marcelo Palacios President (Spain)

Fatima Z. El Kebir Vice-President (Algeria)

Jesús A. Fernández Suárez Secretary (Spain)

Laurence Azoux Bacrie (France)

Salvador D. Bergel (Argentina)

Erwin Bernat (Austria)

Victoria Camps (Spain)

Santiago Dexeus (Spain)

Volnei Garrafa (Brasil)

Santiago Grisolía (Spain)

Vitulia Ivone (Italy)

Juán Ramón Lacadena (Spain)

Georges Kututkdjan (Lebanon)

Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal) (Vicepresident until 17.10.16)

Devline Msowoya (Malawi)

Jacinthe Nkongolo (R.D.Congo)

F. Daniel Piedra Herrera (Cuba)

Svitlana Pustovit (Ukranie)

Carlos Mª Romeo (Spain)

Margarita Salas (Spain)

Amos Shapira (Israel)

Francoise Shenfield (U.K.)

Michèle S. Jean (Canada)

Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece) (Vicepresident until 1.10.02)

Erin Williams (U.S.A) (Vicepresident until 13.05.13)

They were also members in the past: José Egozcue Cuixart (Spain+), Guido Gerin (Italy +), Encarna Roca (Spain), José Elizalde (EU, Bruxelles), Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Antonio Cueto Espinar (Spain +), Carlos de Sola (Council of Europe), Alain Pompidou (France),  M.Angel Comendador (Spain), J. Kennedy (United Kimgdom), Hector Gros Espiell (Uruguay +), Jean Michaud (France +), Rev. Maurice Dooley (Ireland), Erwin Deutsch (Germany+), Luís Martínez Roldán (Spain).


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