Scientific Committee

Gijon (Spain), December 11th

Work Agenda

  • Formal constitution of the Scientific Committee
  • Designation of President, Vice President and Secretary
  • Designationof Vocals
  • Venue: Antiguo Instituto (Gijón), 10.00 a.m.


In the presence of :

Margarita Salas (Spain), Amos Saphira (Israel), José Egózcue (Spain), Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece), Ferenc Oberfrank ( Hungary); Rev. Maurice Dooley ( Holy See, Ireland), Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain), Guido Gerin (Italy), Erwin Bernat ( Austria), José Elizalde ( EU, Brussels), Alain Pompidou (France), Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain), Erwin Deutsch (Germany), Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal), Encarna Roca (Spain), Luís Martínez Roldán (Spain) and Marcelo Palacios (Spain),it is proceeded to

Constitute the Scientific Committee

  1. Designation of President

José Egózcue proposes Marcelo Palacios (Spain) for the post and explains that,in addition to his being the founder and driving force behind the International Society of Bioethics, Marcelo Palacios also enjoys sound professional reputation, recognition and expertise in the area of Bioethics, which he gained himself as MP within the Spanish Parliament and as a member of the Council of Europe. Furthermore, a longstanding friendship and other reasons have led those present in this session to readily accept his invitation to take part in the Scientific Committee of SIBI. Amos Saphira is next to acknowledge the significant achievements and prestige of Marcelo Palacios as to the promotion of Bioethics. J.R. Lacadena, Margarita Salas and Erwin Deutschstrongly support the proposal, which is hereinafter approved UNANIMOUSLY. Marcelo Palacios thanks everyone for their kind words and trust . He reiterates his will as to persevere in the promotionand consolidation of Bioethics along and across the world, a task which SIBI, through the participation of the Scientific Committee, will decisively contribute to

  1. Designation of Vice President and Secretary
    • Alain Pompidou suggests this decision should be delegated to Marcelo Palacios. It is accepted
    • Marcelo Palacios proposes Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece) for the Vice Presidency on account of her activism in the areas of Human Rights, the Environment and Bioethics, He reminds those present that she has run as nominee for the Nobel Prize on several occasions. Marcelo Palacios proposes Luis Martínez Roldán as Secretary (in representation of the University of Oviedo, of which he is a Professor and Secretary General) who, despite his lack of experience in Bioethics, shows a strong willas to getting deeply involved in the pursuit of its aims.
    • Both proposals are approved UNANIMOUSLY.
    • The appointees express their most sincere thanks for the nomination
  2. Designation of Vocals

    Designation of the remaining members of the Scientific Committee is approved UNANIMOUSLY, the resulting formation of the Scientific Committee being as follows:

    • President: D. Marcelo Palacios (Spain)
    • Vice President: Dª Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece)
    • Secretary: Dr. Luis Martínez Roldán (Spain)
    • Vocals:
      • Dª Margarita Salas (Spain)
      • D. Amos Shapira (Israel)
      • D. José Egózcue (Spain)
      • D. Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary)
      • Rev. Maurice Dooley (Holy See, Ireland)
      • D. Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain)
      • D. Guido Gerin (Italy)
      • D. Erwin Bernat (Austria)
      • D. José Elizalde (European Union, Brussels)
      • D. Alain Pompidou (France)
      • D. Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain)
      • D. Erwin Deutsch (Germany)
      • Dª. Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal)
      • Dª Encarna Roca (Spain)
      • D. Jean Michaud (France)
      • D. Santiago Grisolía (Spain) Absent
      • D. Carlos de Sola (Council of Europe, Strasbourg) Absent
      • D. Santiago Dexeus (Spain) Absent

Marcelo Palacios informs that the members of the Scientific Committee who are absent for imponderable reasons have expressed their willingness and acceptance as to participation. The so constituted Scientific Committee initiates their tasks with the following

Work Agend

    • Ratification of its Regulations
    • Proposals as to the development of tasks: a) Methodologyb) Work groups
    • Considerations about the I World Conference on Bioethics. Set dates (year 2000)
    • SIBI Journal: a) Editorial Board, b) Advisory Commission; c) Edition Commission; d) Editor
    • Gradual incorporation of new members to the Scientific Committee
    • Miscellany. Issues and dates for the next meeting
    • Attending members of the Scientific Committee
      • D. Marcelo Palacios (Spain) President
      • Dª. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece) Vice President
      • D. Luis Martínez Roldán (Spain) Secretary
      • Dª Margarita Salas (Spain)
      • D. Amos Shapira (Israel)
      • D. José Egózcue (Spain)
      • D. Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungay)
      • Rev. Maurice Dooley (Holy See, Ireland)
      • D. Juan Ramón Lacadena (Spain)
      • D. Guido Gerin (Italy)
      • D. Erwin Bernat (Austria)
      • D. José Elizalde (European Union, Brussels)
      • D. Alain Pompidou (France)
      • D. Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain)
      • D. Erwin Deutsch (Germany)
      • Dª Paula Martinho da Silva (Portugal)
      • Dª Encarna Roca (Spain)
      • D. Vicente Alvarez Areces (Mayor of the city of Gijón and President of the SIBI Foundation)
      • D. Julio Rodriguez (Vice-chancellor of the University of Oviedo)


Venue: Antiguo Instituto, GIJÓN (Spain), 11.00 a.m.

Brief salutation by the Mayor of the city and the Vice-chancellor of the University of Oviedo who express their wish for the best of success, independence and positive results through the development of the Scientific Committee´s tasks. Shortly thereafter, they bid fare-well and leave the hall.

Initiation of activities on Agenda

    1. Ratification of the Regulations of the Scientific Committee drafted by Marcelo Palacios.
      • After exchanging views on the issue, the following corrections are suggested:
        - Modification of Article 6 (proposed by Marcelo Palacios)
        Line before last: replace "whenever it is the case that the attendance to these events follows express mandate by the Foundation Trust"with "provided the attendance is previously informed to the Trust and the resulting expenses are approved by the Trust". Accepted.
        - Modification of Article 9.e (proposed by Marcelo Palacios)
        Rewrite as follows: e) "The Journal will be distributed free-of-charge among the members of the Scientific Committee and its Associates and the members of the Editorial Board". Accepted.
        - Addition of an ANNEXEto the Regulations of the Scientific Committee to include Articles 6, 7, 21 and 22.2 of the Statute of the SIBI Foundation (proposed by Marcelo Palacios). Accepted.
      • Having accepted the proposals put forth, the Regulations are approved UNANIMOUSLY to be later forwarded to SIBI´s Trust for ratification in the course of their forth-coming meeting session.
    2. Proposals as to the development of tasks to be carried out by the Scientific Committee
      - MethodologyIt is agreed that a work agenda is set up to cover one or two issues. A 15-20 minutes Introduction Speech to each of the issues will be delivered by members of the Scientific Committee prior to plenary discussion. Posterior Communiqués will pursue general diffusion of any likely agreements or conclusions the Committee might yield on the issues dealt with o
      - Work groups
      It is agreed that the following work groups are set up: Medicine, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Foodstuffs and related issues.
    3. Considerations about the I World Conference on Bioethics

      May-June 2000 are discussed as likely dates for the conference. Suggestions for the issues to be included in the PROGRAMME of activities:

      1. BIOETHICS :
        • - Concept and language
        • - Definition and tasks
        • - Terminology
        • - Guiding principles
        • - Pedagogical scope
        • - Human Rights and Biotechnologies
        • - The rights of the person
        • - Bioethics and Biology
        • - Bioethics and Health Systems
        • - Bioethics and the Environment
        • - The Human Genome
        • - Clinical trials
        • - Research- Experimentation with gametes and pre-embryos
        • - Assisted reproduction
        • - Application scope
        • - Territoriality
        • - Up-to-date considerations about its contents
      5. PANELS (issues to be determined)
      6. ROUND TABLES (issues to be determined)
    4. SIBI Journal
      • Considerations discussed include language, format and contents (Spanish-English edition, polychrome format, 3-4 works of interest not exceeding 15 pages, and so on and so forth).
      • Appointment of Director and Editorial Board yields the following results upon general approval
      • Director: Marcelo Palacios
      • Editorial Board: Santiago Grisolía, Margarita Salas, Amos Shapira, José Egózcue and J.R. Lacadena. Whenever it is the case, other incorporations from outside the Scientific Committee will be proposed by the President.
    5. Proposals as to the gradual incorporation of new members

      • It is agreed that the number of Scientific Committee members will be increased up to a maximum of 30, provided there are sufficient economic resources to allow for it.
    6. Miscellany: It is agreed that Minutes are drafted after every meeting of the Scientific Committee
    7. The date for the next meeting of the Scientific Committeee is set up for July 2-3, 1998.

No further issues to follow, Marcelo Palacios thanks attending members for their work and cooperation and expresses his confidence about SIBI´s future success and that of its Scientific Committee. The meeting is called in at 14:30 p.m.