The Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI) is competent for proposing, organising, implementing and developing all scientific tasks responding to the entity's aims, in accordance with articles 6, 7, 21 and 22.2 of the SIBI statutes.
     The Scientific Committee operates in accordance to its standing orders, which were ratified, with some amendments, on 11 December 1997, during the course of its first meeting.
     The Scientific Committee performs its tasks with complete independence, always within the SIBI's available economic resources.
     The Scientific Committe has its headquarters at:

                            Plaza del Humedal, 3  33206 GIJÓN, Asturias - Spain   Telf.: +34 / 98 534 81 85 Web Site:  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


     The following statement of principles and aims is declarative and non permanent.

      The Scientific Committee, internationally and independently, is aimed at:

-  Promoting, supporting, disseminating and consolidating the knowledge of Bioethics, with a view to foster its full application in fields such as medicine, biology, technology, the environment, etc.

-   Boosting cross-disciplinar inter-cultural and supranational analysis of the ethical and social consequences of scientific and technological advances and their applications, as well as encouraging, whenever necessary, further legal development of Bioethics.

-    Organising and attending scientific exhibitions and any other activity which directly or indirectly, partially or totally involves initiatives, sectors or movements related to or representing Bioethics.

-    Organising and/or implementing training initiatives regarding Bioethics.

-    Organising, implementing or participating in the production and edition of texts on Bioethics, preferably those which might be used as teaching materials in the different levels of the Spanish education system or of other systems abroad.

-   Exchanging criteria and experiences and supporting or working in co-operation with different national and international administrations, institutions, groups, associations, entities and societies, of private or public law, whenever useful for promoting and improving the knowledge, dissemination and consolidation of Bioethics.

-    Organising, implementing or participating in the production and edition of publications in the field of Bioethics.

-    Boosting the interest of citizens in an open, trans-cultural and democratic exchange of opinions on Bioethics.

-   Creating a library on Bioethics in the SIBI headquarters in Gijón and granting scholarships to study Bioethics there.

-  Granting a SIBI award on a biennial basis to the best published or otherwise disseminated work on Bioethics, according to the judgement of its Scientific Committee.



    There are currently (since october2016) 24 members of the SIBI Scientific Committee:

They were also members in the past: Guido Gerin (Italy +), Encarna Roca (Spain), José Elizalde (EU, Bruxelles), Luis Martinez Roldán (Spain), Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Carlos de Sola (Council of Europe), M. Angel Comendador (Spain),  J. Kennedy (United Kimgdom), Jen Michaud (+France). Erwin Deutsch (+Germany), Maurice Dooley (Ireland,  Holy See), Manuel Cueto (+Spain) and Héctor Gross Spiel (+Uruguay).



 IX World Conference on Bioethics

Gijón (Spain) 17th  – 19th October 2016      Congress Hall     Fairground Luis Adar





















There are currently 24 members of the SIBI Scientific Committee:

Marcelo Palacios President (Spain)

Paula Martinho da Silva Vice-President (Portugal)

Luís Martínez Roldán Secretary (Spain)

Laurence Azoux Bacrie (France)

Erwin Bernat (Austria)

Victoria Camps (Spain)

Erwin Deutsch (Germany)

Santiago Dexeus (Spain)

Rev. Maurice Dooley (Ireland)

Fatima Z. El Kebir (Algeria)

Jesús A. Fernández Suárez (Spain)

Volnei Garrafa (Brasil)

Santiago Grisolía (Spain)

Juán Ramón Lacadena (Spain)

Georges Kututkdjan (Lebanon)

Jacinthe Nkongolo (R.D.Congo)

Svitlana Pustovit (Ukranie)

Carlos Mª Romeo (Spain)

Margarita Salas (Spain)

Amos Shapira (Israel)

Francoise Shenfield (U.K.)

Michèle S. Jean (Canada)

Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Greece) (Vicepresident until 1.10.02)

Erin Williams (U.S.A) (Vicepresident until 13.05.13)

They were also members in the past: José Egozcue Cuixart (Spain+), Guido Gerin (Italy +), Encarna Roca (Spain), José Elizalde (EU, Bruxelles), Ferenc Oberfrank (Hungary), Antonio Cueto Espinar (Spain +), Carlos de Sola (Council of Europe), Alain Pompidou (France),  M.Angel Comendador (Spain), J. Kennedy (United Kimgdom), Hector Gros Espiell (Uruguay +), Jean Michaud (France +)





Their Majesties King FELIPE VI and Queen LETICIA of Spain




Hon. Mr. Javier Fernández Fernández

President of the Government of the Principality of Asturias

Hon. Mrs. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo

President of the International Society of Bioethics Foundation (SIBI). Mayoress of Gijón

Hon. Mr. Pedro Sanjurjo González

President of the Autonomous Parliament of the Principality of Asturias

Hon. Mr. Santiago García Granda

Magn. Rector of the University of Oviedo

Hon. Mr. Francisco del Busto  de Prado

   Minister of Public Health and Health Services of the Principality of Asturias

Hon. Mr.  Genaro Alonso Megido

Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Principality of Asturias

Hon. Mr. Francisco Blanco Ángel

   Minister of Employment, Industry and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias

Hon. Mr. Félix Baragaño Suárez

President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Gijón

Hon. Mrs. Almudena Cueto Sánchez

        Director of the Woman Institut of Asturias 

Hon. Mrs.Ana Montserrat López Moro

          Councellor of Education and Culture. Town Hall of Gijón

Hon. Mr. Juan Ramón Palencia González

President of the  Asturian Cooperative Pharmaceutical  (COFAS)


IX World Conference on Bioethics

Gijón (Spain) 17th – 19th October 2016
Congress Hall
Fairground Luis Adaro

                                                                                    Simultaneous translation Spanish-English




The IX World Conference on Bioethics, organized by the SIBI which will take place in GIJÓN (Spain)  from 17th to 19th  October 2016, about:

“Violence against women: social-structural and legal aspects”





All Days Attendants  ................       50 €

One Day Attendants  ..................     20 €

Persons without financial means

and unemployed, and students........  0 €



To have the right to participate in the IX World Congress of Bioethics the Attendant should have made the entrance of the registration fee to the account of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI)

ES34 2048 0003 6334 0400 8730 de CajAstur, IX Congreso Mundial de Bioética

The attendants/companions shall send to SIBI its name and surname, ID, adress and e-mail

Those exempt of payment  shall also send  to SIBI their personal data.



          Exhibition of posters and participation fee....... 70/ unit

                                                            poster only....... 20/ unit

         This fee is payable in the above account of the IX Congress.

         The Exhibitor shall send to the SIBI the receipt of payment with its name, ID, address and email

         The posters will be delivered at the postal address of the SIBI before 20 September, inclusive, and they must be collected, either at the end of the Conference or latest on Friday, October 21.

        The SIBI is not responsible for the posters from this date, or forwards them to their authors.


        With the support of International Cooperation of the City Council of Gijón, participation in the IX World Congress of Bioethics can be made available to those persons of foreign nationality who duly prove not have accurate financial means to travel to Gijon and stay during the event. So personal must prove his economic circumstances (income, etc.) with enterprise, public institutions or before a notary of his country, and to facilitate  their personal data, electronic mail, etc.

        Individualized supports may be made, as long as funds for the trip to Gijon and return to their country of origin, or accommodation and meals the days of the Congress are available.

       To facilitate that the largest number of people can benefit fromt his aid, urged applicants that they try to find ways to cover part of these costs.        

      The term of this aid request finish July 30, 2016, and its concession will take into account the economic situation of the applicant and not  the time or date on which the request was filed.  




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