Wole Soyinka (Nigeria)
Nobel Prize Winner
Michele Jean (Canadá)
Prof. President of the International Bioethics Committee (ICB). UNESCO
Sang-yong Song (korea)
Dr Medicine. President Asian Association of Bioethics (ABA)
Darryl Macer (New Zealand)
Regional Advisor in Social and Human Sciences, Regional Unit for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific (RUSHSAP), UNESCO Bangkok
Héctor Gros (Uruguay)
Ambassador in France. President of the Latin-American Section of SIBI. Member of the International Bioethics Committee (ICB) UNESCO. Emeritus Professor of the University of the Republic
Christine Ondoa Onama (Uganda)
Paediatrician. Arua Hospital.
Carlos Castilla del Pino (Spain)
Professor of Psychiatry. University of Cordoba
Juan Luis Arsuaga (Spain)
Prof. of Paleontology. Group of Human Paleontology of the UCM Research Team of Atapuerca
Volnei Garrafa (Brazil)
Professor of the University of Brasilia. Chair of UNESCO
Sahin Aksoy (Turkey)
Physician and Philosopher. Harran University, Faculty of Medicine
Ólöf Yrr Atladottir (Iceland)
Managing Director. National Bioethics Committee
José Egozcue (Spain)
Incumbent of the Cellular Biology Chair. Autonomous University Barcelona
Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis (Greece)
President and founder. Biopolitics International Organisation
Robin Coupland (CICR, Switzerland)
Medical Adviser. Legal Division. International Committee of the Red Cross CICR, Geneva
Margarita Salas (Spain)
Prof. Researcher of the Centre for Molecular Biology “Severo Ochoa”. Autonomous University of Madrid
Jayapaul Azariah (India)
Prof. of the University of Madrás. Founder and President AIBA (All India Bioethics Association)
Santiago Grisolía (Spain)
Prof. Researcher. President of the Valencian Council of Culture
Erwin Deutsch (Germany)
Prof. Director of Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute. University of Göttingen
José Eduardo de Siqueira (Brazil)
Prof. President of the International Brasilian Society of Bioethics
Amos Shapira (Israel)
Professor of Law and Biomedical Ethics. University of Tel Aviv
Maurice Dooley (Ireland, Holy See)
Rev. Representative of the Holy See
Georges Kutukdjian (Lebanon)
Former Director on the Division of Human Sciences Philosophy and the Ethics of Science and Technology. UNESCO
Erin Williams (EE.UU.)
Prof. of Genetics (University of Manasas, Virginia). Bioethics Specialist. Congressional Research Service Library of Congress
Carlos Romeo Casabona (Spain)
Professor in Criminal Law. Director Inter-University Chair BBVA Foundation - Provincial Government of Biscayin Law and the Human Genome. University of Deusto
Jean Michaud (France)
Judge (Ex--member of the Court of Appeal). Member of the National Committee for Sciences of Life and Health. Paris.
Paula Martinho Da Silva (Portugal)
President of the National Council of Ethics for the Sciences of Life. Lawyer
Santiago Dexeus (Spain)
Prof. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dexeus Universitary Institute Barcelona
Salvador D. Bergel (Argentine)
Law Professor. UNESCO Chair Director, Buenos Aires
Devline Msowoya (Malawi)
Medical assistant responsible for the management of the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre of Alinafe
José Mª Cantú (Mexico)
Coordinator of the Centre American Genetics Network
Member of the HUGO Ethics Committee
Victoria Camps (Spain)
Professor of Ethics Chair. Autonomous University of Barcelona
Ludwig Schmidt (Venezuela)
Prof. Catholic University Andres Bello (Caracas)
María Casado (Spain)
Professor of Law. Director of Observatorio de Bioética y Derecho, Parque Cientifico. University of Barcelona.
François Zioko(Republic of the Congo)
Medicus Mundi Representative in Congo Republic. Coordinator of the project in support of the rural health area of Kisantu
Fátima Z. El Kebir (Argel)
Professor of the Environment Sciences Institute. Laboratory of Biology. Oran University.
Nanette Elster (EE.UU.)
Professor. University of Illinois. School of Public Health (Chicago)
Gonzalo Figueroa (Chile)
Professor of Civil Law Chair. Diego Portales University. Santiago de Chile
Fermín Roland Schramm (Brazil)
Philosopher. Main researcher in the National Institute of Public Health
Daniel Piedra (Cuba)
Member of the Science Academy of Cuba. Secretary of the Cuban National Committee on Bioethics.
Erwin Bernat (Austria)
Professor of the Public Law Institute. University of Graz
Jaime Escobar (Colombia)
Former Rector of El Bosque University. Director of the Bioethics Programme
Juan R. Lacadena (Sapin)
Professor of Genetics. Biology Faculty. Complutense University of Madrid
Victor Penchaszadeh (Argentina)
Head of Medical Genetics of the Albert Einstein Medicine College of New York. Group of experts on Human Genetic of the OMRS
Luis E. Martín Otero (Spain)
Lieutenant Colonel Veterinarian (Dr).In charge of the Defense area NBQ (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) in the General Subdivision of Cooperation and Civil defense (Main Directorate of Policy of
Defense - DIGENPOL- Ministry of Defense of Spain)
Giorgio Berchicci (Italy)
European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). Member of Executive Committee.
Emilssen González de Cancino (Colombia)
Director of the Studies Centre on Genetics and Law Faculty of Law. University Externado de Colombia.
Francesc Abel (Spain)
Dr. President of the Institute Borja of Bioethics, Barcelona.
Miguel Kottow (Chile)
Sociologist. Prof. of Philosophy and Health. University of Chile
Alain Pompidou (France)
Professor of Biology at the René Descartes University, Paris
Vice-president of the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO).
Alya Saada (Mexico)
Regional Adviser in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNESCO)
Isolina Riaño (Spain)
Ex-President of Medicus Mundi Asturias. Paediatrician.
Jesús A. Fernández (Spain)
Professor of Law Philosophy. University of Oviedo
Dafna Feinholz (Mexico)
Latin American Federation of Committees of Ethics of Investigation
Mary Warnock (United Kingdom) Prize SIBI 2005
University professor Philosophy (Cambridge and Yale).Baronesse. Member Camera of the Lores. London

(More info at : www.gijon.info)

With its present population of about 275,000 inhabitants, amongst Gijon's distinguishing marks, the character of the people and the sea stand out.

Estatua del emperador romano en Campo Valdés

The human factor, without doubt Gijón's principal asset, may be seen in the warm and caring character of this land; these ancient traits of the Gijonés personality form the heritage of a town which opens itself quickly and sincerely to visitors. A willingness to show hospitality and the coexistence which has been captured and praised by numerous travellers since the 19th century and which today, in these times of making the most of all tangible and the intangible skills in order to be competitive, has also become a tourist asset.

Vista parcial (Puerto interior y Playa de San Lorenzo)
Centro Urbano

Around its coastline of eighteen kilometres of cliffs (like the Santa Catalina, on this hill stands Eduardo Chillida's magnificent Elogio del Horizonte) alternating with nine magnificent beaches, three of them right in the town centre, nearly 5,000 years of history and culture have unfolded here and the roman and pre-roman (Astures) remains may be seen in the archaeological museums at the Campa Torres and the Campo Valdes. From the sea of the "Ruta de la Plata" (Silver trade route), a famous travellers route and an important stage of the coastal variant of the Santiago Way, the restaurants and "sidrerías" get the best products - an essential part of their wide and well-known gastronomy -for their abundant and exquisite dishes and stews.

In the city centre and on the outskirts there are singular and noble buildings, many parks and gardens, commercial, industrial and technological zones, a university campus and a good transport system make up a modern European city in continual progress.

And in a landscape of rolling green hills of incomparable beauty, and long paths perfect for walking or cycling, twenty-five beautiful rural parishes dotted with rustic farmhouses are proof also of the country and farming origin and identity of Gijón.

Teatro Jovellanos
Estatua Pelayo
Escultura Solidaridad

Cultural activities (official or organized by hundreds of associations) take place in every corner of the town, in museums, a municipal theatre and the multiple centres and libraries located in all the suburbs as well as in other installations. "La Semana Negra" (The Black Week), the International Film Festival, the Latin American Book Show, the World Conferences on Bioethics or the International Equestrian Show-Jumping Championship, among many others, are the most widely known annual events, and deservedly so.

Elogio del Horizonte y regatas
Puerto Deportivo

Sport forms an essential characteristic of Gijón and its people. One million Gijoneses every year use and enjoy the swimming pools, golf courses (two municipal and one private), sports centres and other municipal installations, or take part in water sports and many more do sport privately or in clubs like the "Grupo Covadonga", with 30,000 members or the "Santa Olaya", with 15,000.

Universidad Laboral
Termas Romanas

The Atlantic Botanical Garden of Gijón, the only one in the whole of the north of Spain, was inaugurated on the 25th April 2003. The Atlantic Botanical Garden has been installed in land belonging to the parishes of Deva and Cabueñes on an approximate surface of 16 hectares taking advantage of the Carbayera of the Tragamón and the installations of the La Isla estate. The facility has four well-differentiated environments: The Cantabrian Garden, the Vegetation Factory - that is organized around the Rionda mill-, the Atlantic Itinerary and the La Isla estate. This Estate, of about 40.000 square metres, holds the Historical Garden, where the visitors can see, among other elements, a rustic pool, a lagoon of 1.300 square metres and two other ponds that are part of the hydraulic complexes.

The facility has four well-differentiated environments: The Cantabrian Garden, the Vegetation Factory -that is organized around the Rionda mill-, the Atlantic Itinerary and the La Isla estate. This Estate, of about 40,000 square metres, holds the Historical Garden, where the visitors can see, among other elements, a rustic pool, a lagoon of 1,300 square metres and two other ponds that are part of the hydraulic complexes.

Jardín Botánico Atlantico de Gijón

Gijón, unarguably, the "Sede Mundial de la Bioética" (the World Bioethics Headquarters) due to the work of the SIBI, joyfully welcomes the IV World Conference on Bioethics, a good example of the drive and prestige of this city for organizing both scientific and other types of conferences, such as business tourism, and incentive trips, and of the human resources and up-to-date infrastructures, the Conference Office and the Business Club facilitate the organization of any type of national or international events and guarantee their successful staging.

Organization. Technical Secretariat

Plaza del Humedal, 3
33205 GIJÓN (Spain)
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