Place: SIBI, Plaza del Humedal nº 3 (Gijón - Spain)*


Thursday 17th, 20 h

D. Arturo Fernández-Cruz

University professor. Internal Medicine Head of the Clinical Hospital (Madrid)

“General and ethical considerations on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer”


Thursday 17th, 20 h

Dª. Amelia Valcárcel

Incumbent of Ethics of the University of Oviedo

“Heads and tails of violence”


Thursday 14th, 20 h

Dª. Ascensión Cambrón

Profesor of theChair of Philosophy of the right, moral and policy (Corunna)

“Assisted Reproduction and Violence of gender


Thursday 12nd, 20 h

D. Francesca Puigpelat

Incumbent of Philosophy of the Right of the Austonomous Univ. (Barcelona)

“Freedom and security in a new social contract”


Thursday 9th, 20 h

D. Mario García Sánchez

President of the State Coordinating Confederation of Physical Minusválidos of Spain, COCEMFE (Madrid)

“The situation of the sector of the discapacity in Spain”


Thursday 29th, 20 h

D. Francisco Fernández- Avilés

Director of the Institute of Sciences of the Heart (Valladolid)

"Use of stem cells in patients with acute infarct of myocardium"


Thursday 20th, 20 h

Table round “Psychiatry today: crossroads”

Coordinator: Dª.Rosario Antolín Psyquiater-Psycoanalist (Gijón)

Dª.Mª Teresa Pérez-Espinosa, Psyquiater

D.Amadeo Oria, Internist


Thursday 10th, 13:00 h Jove´s Hospital *

D. Rafael Matesanz (Valencia)

Director of the National Organizationof Transplants (Madrid)

“National Organization of Transplants”


Tuesday 15th, 20 h

Dª. Victoria Camps

Incumbent of Ethics of the Autonomous University (Barcelona)

“Authonomie and dependency”