Lessons Cycle 2017


February, 23rd Thursday Mrs. Natalia López Moratalla
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. University of Navarra
Opening Conference: “Teen brain: Influence of new technologies”
Venue: Assembly Hall of Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre CCAI. 19:00 h.


March, 27th Monday Mr. Ceferino Maestú Unturbe
Director of the Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory of the Biomedical Technology Center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid
Conference: “Effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems”
Venue: SIBI Headquarters 19:00 h.

April, 27thThursday Secondary School Students and Teachers of Asturias
(Coordinated by CPR of Gijón-East)
Conference: “Youth and the protection of the environment”
Venue: SIBI Headquarters 18:30 h.

June, 6th Tuesday Mrs. Pilar del Río Sánchez
Journalist, writer and translator
Conference: “If the reason does not governed by ethics, it easily becames a weapon of mass destruction”  
Venue: Assembly Hall of Antiguo Instituto Cultural Centre CCAI 19:00 h.


June, 20th Tuesday Mrs. Pilar Sepúlveda García de la Torre                                                                                                                                                                Member of the General Council of the Judiciary. Association of Victims of Sexual Assault.                                                                                    Conference: “Evolution of the Victims of Sexual Assault role in the Courts”                                                                                                                Venue: SIBI Headquarters 19:00 h.

September, 21st Thursday Mr. Francisco J. Vizoso Piñeiro
Surgeon. Head of the Research Unit at Jove Hospital.
Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation for Uterine Stem Cell Research.
Conference: “Cellular Regenerative Medicine”
Venue: SIBI Headquarters 19:00 h.

October, 19th Thursday Mr. Antonio Altadill Arregui
Internal Medicine Service Jove Hospital. Vocal CEAS Area V.
Conference: "Ethical view of palliative care"
Venue: SIBI Headquarters 19:00 h.

November, 7th TTuesday   Mr. Jesús Barón Thaidigsmann
Specialist in Plastic Surgery
Conference: "Plastic and aesthetic surgery in teenagers"
Venue: SIBI Headquarters 19:00 h.

December, 1st Friday   Mr. Ricardo González Filgueira
Vice-president of the Official Association of Pharmacists of Asturias
Closing Conference: “The counterfeit medicines”
Venue: Assembly Hall of Jove Hospital. 13:00 h.

Free Entrance                                                                                                                                                 All Conferences takes place in Gijón

"SIBI XIX Anniversary” Exhibitions

March  13th to 27th Venue: Liceo La Corolla  College
May  9th to 26th Venue:IES Fernández Vallín 
October 10th to 31st    Venue: Cultural Centre Escuelas Dorado Langreo

Free Entrance