February 28th

Dª. María Teresa Álvarez García (Asturias)

Journalist and writer

Opening Conference: Snippets from the lives of some women writers

Venue: SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

March 07th

D.Benjamín Rivaya García (Oviedo)

Professor of Faculty of Law at University of Oviedo

Euthanasia in the cinema

Venue: SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

April 18th

High School Students and Teachers of Asturias

Round Table

Reflections on Bioethics

Venue: SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

May 13 - 16

VIII World Conference on Bioethics

Venue: Congress Hall, The Luis Adaro Exhibition Center (Gijón)

June 06th

D. Miguel Ángel Fernández García (Gijón)

President ASFEAR (Association for Relatives of Rehabilitated Alcoholics)

Alcoholism: Social fears make difficulties

Venue:SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h..

September 3 - 18

"SIBI XV Anniversary" Exhibition

Venue: Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos Cultural Center (Gijón) 19:30 h.


Dª. Elvira Muslera Canclini (Gijón)

Health Economist

Dª. Carolina Aguilera Tamargo (Gijón)


Round Table

Domestic violence

Venue:SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

November 28th

Dª. Josefina Díaz Rodríguez (Granada)


The revealed education (and presentation of the book)

Venue:SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

December 12th

D. Ángel Aznarez Rubio (Gijón)


Closing Conference: Birth and personality: Modification of article 30 of the Civil Code (Law 20/2011,of July 21. Juridical speeches to the beginning and end of life.

Venue: SIBI Headquarters (Gijón) 19:30 h.

Free entrance

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