The participants in III World Conference on Bioethics organized by the SIBI and celebrated in CUENCA, Spain,of the 27 of September to the 1 of October of 2004, adopted in the plenary session of closing, unanimously, the following official notice:

To reaffirm the message made public by the Scientific Committee of the International Society of Bioethics (SIBI) in the Palace of the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg, 28 and 29 of January of the 2003, that says: "human intelligence has to use all means possible to avoid the war, and to put the scientific and technological knowledge in favor of peace and the freedom".

o support and to reaffirm the Declarations of the I and II World Conferences on Bioethicscarried out by SIBI in Gijón in 2000 and 2002.

To affirm that the access to the water of good quality is a basic human right. Therefore, to indicate the social responsibilities and of the Bioéthics as far as the promotion of the average ones to assure clean water and effective health like a basic prerequirement protection of the human dignity, insisting on the respect to all the forms of life and recognizing the biological and cultural diversity like the wealth that we needed to maintain in the effort to construct to peace and the common understanding.

To support the use of the technologies of the information, the communications and educative means for the diffusion and spreading of the Bioethics in the search of one better understanding and handling of contents. The signallers must have the knowledge precise to publish each information with quality, rigor and neutrality. On the other hand the scientific information must be updated, truthful and founded as soon as it concerns the possibilities and expectations of application of the procedures.

To deepen the debate about the precise stemcells of different origin, having by indispensable obtaining a suitable norm and funds for its investigation and possible therapeutic uses.