"The calls cells mother or stemcells are totipotentes cells, is to say able to originate the differentiated cells that form our tissues and organs. For few years the hemopoyétics stemcells, that is to say, in the blood, they have been attracting the attention of the scientists. More recently one has obtained to the reproduction of totipotentes cells in the laboratory using blastocyst (early human embryos), which would allow to obtain the creation of differentiated cells to the letter, fact that without a doubt has great theoretical and practical interest, as constructing your own cells or tissues for transplants without immunological problems that do frequently difficult to find an organ appropriate, a tissuecould also put or organ appropriate; however, this new technology would present/display new dilemmas since it requires blastocysts, that is to say, human embryos little developed but despite humans, therefore this Committee recommends the reflection and the careful study of this new technology."

ACT Nº2 GIJÓN (Spain)