alain pompidou

Doctor of medicine Ph.D. Professor af Histology at the University René Descartes, París {France). Member of the scientific council af CEA (Nuclear Energy Agency) (1969-1975). Member at the scientific board of INSERM (National lnstitute of Medical Research) (1976-1981). Member of the scientific council of the LNFCC (French Cancer Association) (1985-1992). Expert for the W.H.O. (World Health Organization (1986-1989). Minister's deputy (Department of National Education and Research) (1986). Technical adviser Department of Health (1987-1988) Chargé d'affaires for National and Intenational AIDS politics. President of the PACTE Association (Prospecting and Actions in the Community for Technology and Ethics). Scientific adviser of the French Prime Minister (1993-1997). Member of the Council for Technical and Scientific Information (1994- ). Member of the French Academy of engineers CADAS (1997- ). Vice-Chairman of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO), Ethic's Committee (1991-1996), member from 1996.

European Parliament: Elected in June 1989 (RDE Group-UPE since July 1995). Member of the Energy, Research en Development Committee (acting) (1989- ). Member of the Enviroment, Public Health and Consumer Protection Committee (substitute) (1989-1994). Member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs and lndustrial Policy Committee (substitute) (1994- ). Vice-Chairman of the Japanese Delegation (1989-1994). Chairman (1996- ). Member of the Chinese Delegation (1994-1996), Correspondant Member for the European Parliament of the International Bioethics Committee UNESCO (1994- ). Vice-Chairman of the Eurppean Energy Foundation (1994- ). President of STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment for European Parliament) (1994- ). Vice-President of the Intergroupe Ciel et Espace Européen. Author of "SOUVIENS-TOI DE L'HOMME": L'éthique, la vie, la mort (Editions Payot 1990). Author or co-author of more than 150 scientific publications.