Jesús A. Fernández Suárez (Spain)

Law degree in 1980 from 1981 is Professor of philosophy of law full-time, PhD in law in 1989 and currently Professor Titular of philosophy of the right of the Department of basic legal sciences of the University of Oviedo.

He has taught teaching at the Faculty of law in the following disciplines: Natural Law; Philosophy of law; Theory of law; Legal methodology; Theory and technique of legislation; Law and social sciences; Legal argumentation and law and film. In the title of Criminology of the University of Oviedo has been Professor of Criminal Policy.

She has taught courses of doctorate and master's degree in theory of law in various Spanish and foreign universities. Directed and taught University Extension courses and summer courses on legal philosophy and bioethical issues. Courses of introduction to law aimed at various forums: access of major college schools of practice of the police, etc.

Professor of bioethics and law course in the teachings of the PUMUO program of the University of Oviedo. Dirigido and taught courses on ethics in the exercise of public authority, and for the training of public servants in the Asturian Institute of public administration of Adolfo Posada.

Has participated as a researcher in multiple research projects on expert systems and fuzzy logic; theory of law and process; on the fundamentals of the judicial decision; the right in the philosophies of the 20th century; legal logic, legal certainty and legislative technique, history of Spanish philosophy of law of 20th century; reasoning models, types of arguments and argumentative structures in the judicial decision, etc. Currently is a member of the research group of philosophy and legal argumentation (FILARju) of the University of Oviedo.

His publications include several books on legal philosophy and theory of law and articles on topics such as: the legal obligation, legal logic, motivation of judicial decisions, human rights, social rights, law and democracy, euthanasia, the theory of law, bioethics, etc.

It has held, among others, the positions of Secretary, Deputy Director and Director in functions of the Department of basic legal sciences of the University of Oviedo. He was a member, by choice, of the Board of teachers and researcher at the University of Oviedo. External evaluator of the journal law and health. Member of the Spanish society for legal and political philosophy since 1982. Member of the Commission Adviser of bioethics of the Principality of Asturias since its foundation. Member of the Ethics Committee in the research of the University of Oviedo since its foundation.